Earth FX International Pty Ltd

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Saving wildlife and the environment while raising the health and wellbeing of people internationally!

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PO Box 1630
Queensland 4575

T : +61423466556
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Organization Mission

To change the future of wildlife and the environment through education and build understanding  in schools internationally from grade one
To build tourism to make our open spaces and our wildlife important, and create employment and training opportunities in tourism to help sustain people internationally
To build Conservation Parks internationally, while also partnering and rescuing zoos and wildlife facilities internationally
To develop Research Centers to bring universities and people together to find solutions to the worlds most pressing problems
To engage all tourists in different ways based around our objectives
And ultimately to make the amazing world we live in more sustainable, more valued and  better managed than ever before

Area of Focus

We specialize in wildlife conservation, environmental conservation, and focus on ways to find solutions to lifting people out of poverty.

Areas of Expertise

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