Drones for Development

Drones for Development

At Drones for Development we truly believe that small drones can significantly improve life in developing countries, especially when it concerns access to healthcare.

More than 2.5 billion people (about 40 % of the world’s population) live in rural and remote areas of developing countries, and rely upon health posts and dispensaries at community level. These health posts and dispensaries can only function if there is regular supply of essential medical commodities from the regional and district centers. A lack of robust transport systems makes it difficult for these medical facilities to adequately equip themselves and to handle emergencies. Consequently many medical situations get out of hand leading to needless deaths. Rural communities deserve a faster and more vibrant standby transport system to handle health problems.

Dr.One is a concept developed by Drones for Development. The aim of the concept is to improve the supply chain for small medical goods, to thereby improve health care as a whole, and save lives of people in remote and hard to reach areas. Access to quality health care is a human right with Dr.One we can help local- and regional governments in developing countries to improve their health indicators.

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