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About DOEN Foundation

As a promoter of people and organisations that take the lead in the field of sustainable, cultural and social innovation, DOEN believes in a green, socially-inclusive and creative society. DOEN supports these innovators and brings them into contact with each other
Annually, DOEN supports more than 200 initiatives by means of subsidies, participations, loans and guarantees. These initiatives are characterised by their enterprising approach: people, organisations and enterprises that dare to take risks, that are creative and innovatory and thus effectively contribute to a better and cleaner world.

Funding by the DOEN Foundation
DOEN works with subsidies, equity investments, loans and guarantees based on the following philosophy: subsidise where necessary, equity investments, loans and guarantees where possible. In this way, DOEN supports both large and small initiatives such as a project, a programme or an institutional subsidy.
DOEN can make longer-term commitments to organisations that have an ongoing pioneering role and that give priority to initiatives that reinforce projects funded by DOEN, whether with regard to topic, region or otherwise. Because of DOEN’s promotional role it is important that DOEN’s contribution has clear added-value for the initiative. This means that the initiative is not able to start without the support of DOEN.

From the 2015 net proceeds of the Dutch Postcode Lottery DOEN Foundation received a sum of € 22.5 million. With this contribution, we support sustainable, social and cultural entrepreneurs who contribute to a better world for people and the planet. In addition, a contribution goes to DOEN Participaties BV, the investment company of the DOEN Foundation. 
From the 2015 net proceeds of the BankGiro Lottery, the BankGiro Loterij Fonds, which is part of the DOEN Foundation, received a sum of over € 4.2 million for cultural initiatives in the Netherlands. 
From the 2015 net proceeds of the VriendenLoterij, the DOEN Foundation received a sum of over € 3 million for her Social Firms programme.

The DOEN Foundation was established in 1991 by the Dutch Postcode Lottery. The Foundation was given the following assignment: to pursue the same objectives as the lottery (people and nature) and to complement the lottery’s work. 
Initially, DOEN focused on the same areas as the Postcode Lottery: Development Cooperation and Human Rights, and Nature and the Environment. Since 1998 DOEN Foundation has received an annual contribution from the VriendenLoterij, before SponorBingo Loterij. With this it finances initiatives focusing on welfare issues. In September 2004 DOEN Foundation also became a beneficiary of the BankGiro Loterij; with this lottery funding DOEN finances cultural initiatives. In 2006 the National Postcode Lottery decided to add Social Cohesion to Development Cooperation and Human Rights, and Nature and the Environment in the distribution of its funds.

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