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Our mission is to ensure that decisions about the allocation of finance and resources result in an end to poverty, increase the resilience of the world’s most vulnerable people, and leave no one behind. To deliver this, we work three key thematic areas:

Theme 1: Poverty
Measuring the progress of people out of poverty

Data has the power to bring about a greater understanding of poverty and enables us to accurately measure people’s progress. It allows us to look beyond frequently used aggregate ‘income’ or ‘consumption’ poverty statistics and consider the reality of the lives of people in poverty.

Our work seeks to:

Drive commitments and much-needed investment towards improving poverty data, prioritising disaggregated data and civil administration systems.
Unpack the poverty data that does exist, bringing in new global and subnational data to start building a clearer and more accurate picture of poverty.

Theme 2: Resources
Investments to end poverty and build resilience

Data is essential for effectively identifying, linking and targeting resources to drive poverty eradication and sustainable development.

Our work seeks to:

Improve decision-making on the allocation of resources through our ‘all resources’ analysis and tools such as our Development Data Hub.
Increase the transparency of resource flows to improve understanding of the allocation of resources and their effectiveness, in part through our core technical role in the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI).

Theme 3: Data use
Improving data use for sustainable development

We believe that for decision-makers and advocates to better understand poverty and the resources available to address it, they need better data.

Our work seeks to:

Understand and remove the barriers to data use by creating and testing solutions, and by driving behaviour change.
Collaborate across the open data community and harness drivers for data use, such as the Data Revolution for Sustainable Development.

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