Social change is not an option. With 800 million lives at stake, it is a necessity.For decades now, a range of social stakeholders – entrepreneurs, individual donors, foundations – has worked to lift India’s 800 million people out of the cycle of poverty and exploitation. However, while there has been significant progress, much remains to be done.

This is because social change cannot be dealt with through honest effort or intent alone – it needs inspired and uncompromising competence that is performance-driven, optimizes resources, builds momentum and establishes benchmarks in delivering impact. And that is what Dasra brings to the table.

Dasra, which means ‘enlightened giving’ in Sanskrit, aims to be the common network that enables all the stakeholders to function at the top of their individual capacities, transforming individual strengths into a collective impact that exceeds the sum of the parts, ultimately improving the lives of 800 million of our fellow Indians.

At a Glance

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M.R. Co-op Hsg Society, Bldg no. J/18,  Relief Road, Off Juhu Tara Road, Santacruz (W), Mumbai 400 054. Maharashtra

Organization Mission

Across everything we do, we look to scale solutions we believe will enable those living on less than USD 2 a day to have an improved quality of life, a right to equality, safety and personal freedom. Above all, we believe that social change is not an option. With 800 million lives in poverty in India, it is a necessity.