Creatnet Technology Pvt Ltd

Creatnet Technology Pvt Ltd

Creatnet Technology Pvt Ltd., is a Delhi based start-up company  and pioneers in the field of Fuel Emulsification technology in the country. Our pilot Fuel processing center and research laboratory in the NCR region consists of an elaborate laboratory and combustion testing facility.  We are driven by a strong R&D centric approach in-order to innovate and deliver ideal solutions to satisfy the unique requirements of our clients.

As a part of our community-welfare initiative we are also dedicating our time and effort towards creating a practical and cost effective Multi-Fuel Biomass Stove for use in the villages of hill regions where deforestation and smoke related health problems are endemic.

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Creatnet Technology Pvt. Ltd
c/o Creatnet Services Ltd
Creatnet Services Ltd.
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Organization Mission

We are about ushering in positive change across various fields: Cleaner Technologies, Better Living Standards, Social Upliftment through  Empowerment.

Area of Focus

Our primary focus is on ushering in cleaner combustion technologies, emission reduction and better fuels, both  on the industrial sector as well as in households.
In the industrial sector we are promoting Fuel Emulsification technology for cleaner emissions and better Fuel economy by providing technical consultancy and equipment related services. We have also embarked on designing and promoting cleaner and more fuel effecient Biomass Stoves and room heaters for the rural households and small businesses.

Areas of Expertise

Be a mentor, PR/Marketing/Branding, Relevent Training