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Established in 2003, CO2balance's work is dedicated to providing outstanding services direct with communities in Africa, plus with businesses and NGOs internationally.

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Organization Mission

Our mission is to deliver ethical, high impact solutions to mitigate climate change.

Area of Focus

With Communities
We work side by side with communities in Kenya to implement water, cook stove and solar projects that improve people's lives.

With Businesses
We work with businesses to reduce their impact on the environment and we enable them to deliver outstanding Sustainability Strategies / CSR Programmes.

With NGOs
We partner with NGOs to deliver climate change mitigation initiatives through consultancy that generates income through water, solar and agricultural projects.

CarbonZero™ is at the heart of CO2balance. To put it simply - products, services or entire companies working with CO2balance can be branded CarbonZero™ provided they meet this one simple to understand test;

The Net Carbon Footprint of This Business is Entirely Offset Using Internationally Approved Carbon Credits.

The CarbonZero™ brand and internationally registered trademark is wholly owned by CO2balance and provided under license to organisations working with us. It provides a clear statement to your customers that the product you are buying meets this simple test and is indeed CarbonZero™.

The Technical Part

The assessment methodology of our Greenhouse Gas Audits to establish the carbon footprint follows the reporting principles and guidelines provided by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol published by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and the World Resources Institute (WBCSD/WRI Protocol). In line with the WBCSD/WRI Protocol, CO2balance uses the following procedure to undertake a Greenhouse Gas Emissions Assessment:

  • Establishment of the assessment boundaries (including the selection of: greenhouse gases, project boundaries and operational boundaries).
  • Collection of client data.
  • Evaluation of data quality and of client data sources.
  • Calculation of emissions using appropriate conversion factors.
  • Determination of suitable recommendations for future action.

Where appropriate our carbon footprinting and offset process follows the protocols of the international standards PAS2050 or PAS2060.

Extensions of the CarbonZero™ brand are applied such as CarbonZero™ Company, Publication, Distribution etc.