Updated Dec 13, 2017

CFSI - French Committee for International Solidarity  Donor


About CFSI - French Committee for International Solidarity

The CFSI brings together 24 organizations acting for international solidarity. The members of the CFSI unite to face the challenges of the future together with their partners from the South: - social justice to reduce poverty and growing inequality; - the economy at the service of man and not the opposite; - equitable sharing and sustainable management of the planet's natural resources. Convinced of the leading role of civil society organizations, the CFSI supports projects led by partner associations of its members in different countries. It is these local organizations that find solutions to influence policies and improve the situation of the poorest. The CFSI offers them partnerships and support to organize, strengthen their skills, gain autonomy and be the actors of their own development. In 2015, the CFSI supported more than 200 projects , mainly in Africa. Their priority is the development of food agriculture to fight hunger, the economic integration of the younger generations through appropriate vocational training and the strengthening of local organizations. Completing its international commitment, the CFSI echoes the concerns of stakeholders in the field and partner organizations in the South by leading each year, in France and Europe, the campaign ALIMEN TERRE to raise public awareness and political leaders to causes of hunger and the means to combat it. The highlight of the public campaign is the ALIMEN TERRE film festival between October 15th and November 30th each year.