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About Center for Global Development

Who We Are:

The Center for Global Development works to change the policies and practices of rich countries and powerful institutions to reduce global poverty and inequality. We are a policy crucible, where world class scholars use independent, rigorous research to develop new knowledge and practical solutions. Through creative communications and outreach we engage with policymakers, practitioners, thought leaders, media and engaged citizens to turn ideas into action.

What We Offer:

The Center for Global Development is an independent, non-partisan think tank with a long record of advancing mechanisms to generate better evidence and encourage its use by policymakers and funders to promote more effective development practice. Beginning with CGD’s Million Saved initiative, the Center has shone a spotlight on proven success stories of large-scale efforts to improve health in low- and middle-income countries. The third edition of the volume highlights 22 cases that reveal how rigorous impact evaluations of programs and policies have contributed to more informed decision-making. In a recent paper, CGD researchers found deficiencies in the quality of a large share of sampled global health program evaluations from five major funders and identified ten recommendations to improve the evaluations’ quality and utility. CGD’s work also extends to conducting multi-country, evidence-based research and evaluation of education systems through its leadership in RISE (Research on Improving Systems of Education).
Where We Work
Asia and Pacific
Europe and Eurasia
Latin America / Caribbean
North America
Middle East and North Africa
Focus Areas
Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance
Economic Growth and Trade

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