Updated May 17, 2018

Build Change  Social Enterprise


About Build Change

Build Change is an award-winning international non-profit social enterprise based in Denver, Colorado, in operation since 2004.

Build Change saves lives in earthquakes and windstorms by empowering people in emerging nations to build homes and schools that will protect their families and children. 

Build Change believes that all people have the right to live and learn in homes and schools that will protect them from natural disasters.

Build Change works in post-disaster reconstruction in Haiti, Indonesia, Nepal, and the Philippines. We work in Colombia and Guatemala to strengthen buildings before a disaster strikes.

More than 23,000 people in Bhutan, China, Colombia, Guatemala, Haiti, Indonesia and the Philippines have been trained in disaster-resistant design and construction techniques and, in turn, have built over 47,000 safer homes, impacting 237,000 people.
  • We focus on permanent solutions, implemented on a local, sustainable level.
  • We create designs for disaster-resistant houses and schools that use local styles and materials and will withstand earthquakes and windstorms.
  • We train builders and engineers in disaster-resistant design and construction, so they can build safe houses and schools.
  • We provide recommendations for small, affordable improvements to local building techniques. The changes we recommend are widely adopted by communities because they are simple, affordable, and use locally available materials.
  • We educate local communities on disaster safety and preparedness to encourage the demand for safe buildings.
  • We teach basic safe construction to homeowners to empower them to supervise the rebuilding or retrofitting of their home.
  • We empower homeowners to make decisions about the design and layout of their home. They provide the funds and manage their builders. We provide technical assistance during construction to ensure buildings meet safety standards.
  • We facilitate access to insurance, subsidies, and incentive-based funds for homeowners to rebuild or retrofit their homes. The financing comes with technical assistance provided by our staff of local engineers to ensure new or retrofitted buildings meet safety standards.
  • We work with local small businesses to make their bricks and concrete blocks better. Stronger bricks and blocks make safer buildings.
  • We work with governments to develop building standards and national training programs.
  • We are partnering with the World Bank Global Program for Safer Schools to make sure that school buildings will protect students during natural disasters.
Last year, Build Change celebrated its ten year anniversary with the launch of a 10 in 10 Initiative to empower 10 million people in emerging nations to live and learn in safer homes and schools by 2024. 
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