Agriworks Uganda

Agriworks Uganda

Agriworks Uganda aims to be the leading provider of irrigation solutions for commercial smallholders in East Africa. We invest in R&D targeting the unique needs of smallholders, and developing lease-based sales models that makes it possible to offer irrigation technologies according to farmers' cash flows.


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Area of Focus

Agriworks is focusing on scaling out the Agriworks Mobile Irrigation System (AMIS). The AMIS is a mobile, modular system for 1 - 6 acres. Because it is mobile, the cost can be shared by more than one farmer, and because it is modular, farmers can upgrade in a piecemeal way as they earn from the technology. Our design is extremely easy to learn and use, and requires minimal technical knowledge from the farmer. This makes it profitable in the first season after purchase, and allows our clients to produce year round with minimal risk.

Existing irrigation solutions are either cheap but suitable only for small plots that are very near to water, or expensive customized systems that must be designed by experts. Our technology is the first to target farmers able to irrigate medium sized plots. We see farmers using our systems to go from tiny plots of less than 1/4 acre to one acre and above. This can increase farmers' incomes by many times over.

By making the technology widely adaptable and simple to use, we aim to reach our customer in a low-cost model that does not require irrigation engineers for site-planning. We are in the process of developing lease-based sales that allow farmers to pay for the system as they earn from it.

Areas of Expertise

Test an innovation and provide feedback, Give business planning and strategy advice