Updated Feb 01, 2018

African Women’s Development Fund  Funding


About African Women’s Development Fund

African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF) is a grant-making foundation which supports local, national and regional organisations in Africa working towards women’s empowerment. AWDF through institutional capacity building and programme development seeks to build partnerships within the African women’s movement. 

The vision of AWDF is for African women to live in a world in which there is social justice, equality and respect for women’s human rights. To this end, its mission is to mobilise financial resources to support groups across Africa in the areas of Women’s Human Rights, Political Participation, Peace Building, Health and Reproductive Rights, HIV/AIDS and Economic Empowerment.
Where We Work
Focus Areas
Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance
Good Governance
Rule of Law and Human Rights
Child Protection
Economic Empowerment
Gender Equity
Social Services
Non-communicable Diseases
Social and Behavior Change