Transformational Groundwater Exploration

Integrating traditional earth science tradecraft and cutting edge technology, Power 7 locates and develops previously undiscovered, renewable, and sustainable groundwater resources for water-poor and water-starved markets. Commercially proven, developed water resources have demonstrated 30+ years of continuous operation. Proving the presence of large quantities of untapped groundwater, Power 7 is redefining how the water resources are identified and managed.

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Power 7 Corporation is developing lines of business in the municipal and agricultural water supply verticals within the broader water market. Research and development continues to integrate AI/ML into our TGE technology to increase the deployability of our services. 
We are proud of our team's contribution to the development and publication of ECHO-GPM. Read more about it here:

How does your innovation work?

Merging traditional Earth Science tradecraft with cutting edge technologies, Power 7's algorithms are able to precisely locate and develop previously undiscovered groundwater resources. Geochemical "fingerprint" testing proves the water is differentiated from other local water resources. Pump testing further demonstrates the discrete nature of these water resources. Properly managed wells have been operating and providing water at a consistent volume and with a consistent quality for more than 30 years. Importantly, these resources were developed in some of the most autstere locations in the world where traditional experts believed there was an absence of water.

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Multiple commercially successful projects
Somalia: USAID-funded project (1986) 
Trinidad: Government-funded project (1999)
Tobago: Government-funded project (2000)

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Transition TGE into a software as a service (SAAS) product with a tiered subscription-based business model. Integrate our data and information on a platform with categorized layers of data in support of customer information requirements.

Next Steps

  • Identify and investor who sees the value of our services and has a value-investor approach.
  • Develop AI/ML/IT for broader distribution and diversification of services
  • Conduct exploration and development project to assist with marketing and business development
  • Grow the company through strategic staffing goals and milestones.