MOFEMENT or called as "Automatic Feeding Machine based on Internet of Things" is an eco-friendly, affordable, and practical fertilizer spreader and automatic catalyst which can be used to monitor, control and log the condition of microalgae through an accessible online and offline electronic devices. This tool was created specifically for the purpose of increasing the productivity and the amount of microalgae. The product is also potential to be commercialized in ASEAN Member States. 

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We are in the research and development stage to validate the practical use of our proposed technology.

How does your innovation work?

Technically, to operate this tool, it depends on the light sensor that detects the hole for the rice husk and fertilizer. If the hole detects a change, then the micro servo motors (MSM) will work. This tool will also work if the timing of the catalyst as well as the fertilizer for microalgae is already on time because the tool is complemented by a sound sensor that is Real Time Clock. One unit scale prototype is cost only around Rp 100,000, or approximately $9 we can get the tool and enjoy its multi-benefits.


What is your strategy for expanding use of your innovation?

The product is generally potential to be commercialized, since it is very promising to be developed for business purposes. Along with the implementation of this technology, it will be a big deal to propose this innovative technology to related government such as the Directorate General of Aquaculture. In the use of MOFEMENT, there are many future implications that can be achieved, particularly in its benefits for food security. MOFEMENT will scale-up a new advanced farming system that can enhance the production process of microalgae in ASEAN, thereby significantly improving the productivity and the amount of microalgae. By using MOFEMENT, it can be used to help the farmer and the food industry to produce more nutritious products that can enhance food security, especially for animal feed and human food (especially for dietary products and functional food). Next, in the aspect of agriculture, this technology can assist the farmer to produce more fertilizer. More importantly, this technology can also be used as new renewable energy producing biofuels.

Next Steps

We intend to gain further opportunity to seek for funding and build up a partnership with inter-related company or any other stakeholders thay may be interest in realizing this product. As we aim to solve the global issue related to energy efficieny, food security, and agriculture we believe that our proposed technology can fulfill the needs of the world in years to come. But the challenge relies on how it can be duplicated and replicated to another regions so that the impact can be spread widely across the world. Using our technology, we believe it will open the horizon of people and change their minset out the huge benefit of microalgae. We want to help the world through microalgae because we believe that microalage is something magical that can adress many alarming issues in this earth.