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A dynamic, integrated health worker communication and coordination system called ‘mHero’ provides tools to help countries tackle the core communication gaps present in Ebola affected communities, providing a trusted channel of information and support for frontline health workers. Through mHero’s multi-partner collaborative approach and inherent interoperability with other critical technologies, national health leaders can use basic mobile phone technology to communicate and coordinate with the health workers and public health officials on the frontlines of care. This SMS-based mHealth platform extends and enhances existing national health information systems to support these rural and remote health workers, leveraging prior country investments and infrastructure while building increased health system resilience beyond the epidemic. 

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In August 2014, the mHero Partnership, led by UNICEF, IntraHealth International, and the US Agency for International Development (USAID), and a team of international stakeholders, created mHero.

During the pilot in Liberia, mHero sent SMSs to 482 health workers in four counties to validate health workers’ phone numbers, location, job title, supervisor, facility, bank account information (critical for timely payments), and use of facility attendance logs. Promisingly, of the 289 health workers reached, 57 per cent responded to the first mHero message. About three-fourths of those who responded to the first message completed all 15 questions in the work flow.- See more at:

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Powered by RapidPro, mHero harnesses mobile technology and uses it to improve existing health information systems (HIS), making it possible to rapidly strengthen communication among health authorities, the health workforce, and local communities, in order to save lives.

The mHero platform allows health workers, government authorities, and other key stakeholders to engage in real-time, targeted communication via two-way short message service (SMS), interactive voice response, and direct calls. mHero communications, which are flexible and scalable, and can be triggered both centrally and locally, go far beyond the traditional “message blasts” offered by many technology vendors, enabling stakeholders to rapidly respond to health workers’ needs.- See more at:

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