INJA Portable Soybean Thresher

The Thresher application potential is for threshing soybeans. As precise as possible, the thresher has been designed to ensure easy operation, maintenance and portability. Spillage and breakages are minimized and material collection is easier.The threshing machine has the following specifications by estimation
Width: 0.470m
Height: 1.310m
Weight: 74Kg
Material : Steel
Engine Power rating: 0.75 – 2.8hp
The cost of the machine is very moderate and the cost for running is less.

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The design won second place in the Soybean Innovation Lab thresher contest and is to be manufactured on pilot basis for the northern sector of Ghana(Thus Upper east region, Upper West region and Northen Region)

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General Mode Of Operation
In this thresher, soybean plants are introduced into it through the feed hopper gets into the threshing chamber under gravity. This is where the beating process occurs with the help of the spikes. As the cylinder is being driven, the feed moves as axially along the length of the cylinder under the influence of the spiral fins. The stalks exit at the end of the spiral fins through an outlet at the back. The grains that fall through 0.012x0.012 crimp net of the concave with some of the husk. Separation is then carried out within the separation chamber where the fan is installed by blowing the husk to the side. The threshed grains can then be collected subsequently.
Effectiveness of the fan
The fan is not only meant for separation within the separation chamber but also to blow of debris that will block the holes of the concave.

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The design won second place in the Soybean Innovation Lab thresher contest.

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Catholic Relief Services, Tamale Ghana.
Soybean Innovation Lab.

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Promote open access knowlege on manufacturing for local backsmiths to easily fabricate, repair and for farmers to use it.

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Contiue in evaluation and improvement while the product is advertise on the media platform

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