The project is about improving and increasing girls’ access to education and retention in rural schools where school drop-outs is very high. The drop-out rate from grade one to grade nine is about 50% to 90%. Hence, girls are highly disadvantaged and hence ultimately this affects them when they become women to participate in decision-making, development, and such suffer infringement of their rights due to lack of education and knowledge about their rights.

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The following shall be some of the interventions through this project:
1. Sensitization of the people in the targeted rural areas so that they can acquire the knowledge on the benefits of education and its importance. (This will be done through drama, cultural groups, sports, meetings, etc.
2. Implementation of the Home Based Education System linked to schools and secondary schools
3. Empowering some poor so that they are able to educate their children within their own environment and from their own resources.
4. Promoting school re-entry programs so that those that dropped out of education due to pregnancies and are single parents will be able to complete their secondary education. (through GCE)
5. Sensitization of parents and guardians against early marriages
6. Introduction of girl sponsorship programs to increase girls’ access and retention in schools

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Potential Long Term Impact

On the long term basis, the project will help in imparting knowledge and appropriate information to the targeted rural communities on the role and importance of education and on also the right to education. This will also help such areas to develop and to stop bad cultural practices. Ultimately, it is expected that there shall be more girls accessing education and hence empowered women and girls in rural societies where women are disempowered due to lack of education and some traditional/ cultural practices & beliefs.

Expected Output Areas
Sensitization programs and campaigns
HBE systems for 10 rural primary schools (Education Reach out Program)
Learning & Study materials, pens, markers, flipcharts, flip stands, A4 plain papers for HBE systems
10 Education Electronic Tablets for rural schools (one per school)
6 Bicycles for Education Reach out to far places from rural schools
Schools Income Generation Activities (e.g. school gardens) for sustainability of the HBE systems