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To improve quality of life through applied research and technical assistance to communities by pioneering solutions that yield measurable results.

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The cornerstone of our strategic approach is the development and application of techniques to help communities gain a better understanding of their environment and to thereby help determine how to attain their goals.

A common element in our repertoire of techniques is community learning which involves members of the community in all program phases--problem definition, program design, resource procurement, implementation, management, monitoring and evaluation--with the ultimate objective of vesting in the community the skills and knowledge necessary to attack not only the problem at hand but also the unanticipated problems of the future.

We treat important human development problems and their potential solutions as systemic community issues which are usually not served well by existing institutions alone.

We help communities decipher complex development problems that from the outset are usually not framed properly nor well understood.

We strive to design and implement engaging educational exercises and programs devoted to promoting accurate images of commitments and needs throughout the world.

We help provide access to timely and relevant information that is necessary for solutions. We help close data gaps and improve data quality. We help transform data into information, information to knowledge and knowledge into wisdom.

We strive to attract good people and “throw them at the problem” as contrasted to “throwing money at the problem.”

We are committed to the long-haul: we pay attention to going beyond writing up a report and leaving to go on to the next problem.

We endeavor to be as flexible and timely as possible in working with existing institutions even though we start with the assumption that we all are often as much “part of the problem” as “part of the solution.”

We find out how to attract, aggregate and multiply resources through a lean, efficient institutional infrastructure.

We believe it is vital to find partners that have similar inclinations anddo not proceed by telling them what to do. We help them do what they want to do, always trying to ask them challenging but supportive questions along the way.

We help diverse groups and interests discover common solutions that work.