Afghan Institute of Learning

        The Afghan Institute of Learning (AIL) rebuilds education and health systems in Afghanistan using a holistic approach. AIL combines innovative education, healthcare with health education and quality training programs as well as providing emergency aid and legal aid.
       AIL, is an Afghan organization run by mainly women, benefits all needy Afghan people. AIL seeks to help all Afghans rebuild their lives and society through transformation at the individual and community level.

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  • Help with global emergency assistance
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How does your innovation work?

         AIL goes to a community only when it has been requested. The community states what it wants and AIL sees how it can help. The community then contributes to the project such as supplies, security, volunteers, teachers, buildings or land. Trust is established and community "buy in" is in place from the start. Through this process 30-50% of projects needs are provided and sometimes as much as 90%. 

What Evidence do you have that your Innovation works?

Afghan Institute of Learning has impacted many lives. AIL has impacted over impact 11 million students since 1996 and created 320,332 centers. 

Down below, is a link with the breakdown of impact AIL has had.

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       Teachers needed training in interactive teaching methods but now need to know about peace, leadership, health and human rights, democracy and elections so they can pass this onto their students. Literacy learning through texting on mobile phones accelerates learning so new mobile texting classes are in place. A few hours of instructions in pregnancy and childbirth saves lives so AIL set up an Expectant Mother Workshop program. AIL knows change in programming is constant to keep up with need and to utilize all resources and new ideas. AIL continues to change and utilize new ideas for ways to better serve the community and develop education, personal, and holistic growth.