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Acacias for All is changing the agricultural sector in the Arab Maghreb sub-region by introducing a new holistic farming approach to fight desertification. Its approach shifts the focus of the sector towards alternative, natural, plant based irrigation complemented by crops that fit the local context; in addition, it creates a change movement through which farmers adopt new and sustainable farming techniques and organize themselves into cooperatives, in order to manage the entire new farming cycle.

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2015 : plantation of 50 000 trees with 50 women trained to smart farming in the village of Bir Salah, Tunisie
Prevision: 1 million trees planted by december 2018, 1000 farmers trained, included 60% women

July 2015 : Echoing Green Fellowship #Climate
January 2015 : Ashoka Fellowship


What's the gamification element to this project?

What's the gamification element to this project?

Question for the innovator

Hi, I would like to initiate the same idea in the post-conflict Somalia where the environment has been totally degraded throughout the civil war era that engulfed the country since 1991.
Your feedback and suggestion is highly welcomed.
Ahmed Haji
+254 720 324 585