Updated Apr 04, 2018

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Youthink Center

We provide a platform your young people to study and communicate SDGs to have an impact at their local, community level.

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Stage 5: Scaling

Currently in use

Focus Areas:

Education, Communications and Media and Youth Engagement and Contribution

Education, Communications and Media and Youth Engagement and ContributionSEE LESS

Implemented In:

Hong Kong


Country Implemented In


Increasing awareness amongst young people in Hong Kong to engage in the implementation, monitoring, follow-up and review of the 2030 Agenda.



Using social media and programs on university campuses to make SDGs become fashionable in China. We spread the SDGs message, support SDGs programs and inspire young people to learn to take action.

Target Beneficiaries

Students and their communities.

Mission and Vision

Collaboratively constructing youth development and open cooperation platform

Innovation Description

Incentive action: Inspire young people to jointly launch projects related to sustainable development (pro-poor, education, and environmental protection) and jointly “create differences”.

Establish a network: establish a connection between youth and youth organizations and industry leaders who share common aspirations, share ideas and resources, and establish an intergenerational network.

Encourage sharing: Through the forms of social media, activities, etc., the ideas generated in inter-generational networks will be more widely spread, affecting more young people.

Competitive Advantage

Entirely youth-led, community-based and appropriate programs.


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New Country Implemented In
Hong Kong