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Stage 5: Scaling

Check our latest challenges, innovations, collaborative ideas on: http://www.yomken.com
We have currently a network of more than 10,000 innovators in different disciplines, 150 partners varying from student activities, developmental agency, TV shows, NGOs, governmental entities, startups, and local and multinational businesses. They all have interacted with the platform either by submitted a challenge, solution or have partnered with us in expanding our impact.
Throughout the past 2 years and by connecting more than 150 different partners in Egypt (and currently expanding to Tunisia), including governmental agencies, NGOs, companies, startups and student activities; the platform has reached the following results: - Building a network of more than 10,000 innovators in different disciplines - Featuring more than 40 challenges in the fields of Agribusiness and Fisheries (21%), Plastic, Metal and Wood industries (18%), Water & Renewable Energy (16%) handicrafts (11%) and many others (34%). - 80% of the challenges featured on Yomken.com were solved and implemented - 5 spin-off startups emerged from the project - The project has created and saved more than 175 direct and indirect jobs, with an average cost less than US$ 500 per job opportunity - Only 50% of the challenges and solutions came from Cairo, thanks to the high outreach through social media

Registered in Egypt.

Focus Areas:

Economic Growth and Trade, Entrepreneurship, Microeconomics and 4 MoreSEE ALL

Economic Growth and Trade, Entrepreneurship, Microeconomics, Enabling Environment, Public-Private Partnerships, Technology and InclusionSEE LESS

Implemented In:

Jordan, Morocco, Palestinian Territories and 2 MoreSEE ALL

Jordan, Morocco, Palestinian Territories, Tunisia and EgyptSEE LESS

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Mission and Vision

This CrowdSolving model represents a better alternative to the current innovation-supportprograms in the Middle-East which are more tending towards a “technology-push” rather than “market-driven” approach. Moreover, the model promises higher sustainability, where based Yomken.com experience, five startupswere launched to commercialize the winning solutions for the challenges posted on the platform. Yomken.com has been operating in Egypt since 2012 and given the success of the model, asthe figures below show, in October 2016 it has expanded in Tunisia: ► A network with more than 10,000 innovators in different fields. ► Reaching more than 100,000 through social media. ► Featured more than 45 challenges, with 21% of them in AgriFood, 16% in Plastic, Metaland Wood industries, 10% in handicrafts. ► A success rate of 80% of challenges. ► Cost-efficient tool to reach innovators outside big cities. ► 50% of challenges/solutions are sourced from outside Cairo and Tunis. ► +175 Jobs created directly and indirectly and +1500 trained youth using Yomken’s own challenge identification and prioritization toolkit and training module. ► Conducting more than 15 ideation workshops with solution seekers and communitystakeholders using Yomken.com’s methodology.

Innovation Description

Yomken.com is a #CcrowdSolving platform for the Arab world, that aims at making Research, Development, and Innovation more affordable and reachable! It does so by linking (i) solution seekers (local factories, NGOs, governmental entities) with (ii) local innovators (students, researcher centers, engineers, designers, etc.) and (iii) entities supporting and funding innovation and entrepreneurship in the Arab world.
How does your innovation work?
CrowdSolving is a process of uncovering new ideas, improving resource management, time saving and product improvement through combining external capabilities with internal capabilities to result in new technologies and new products. In Yomken.com we provide open innovation through a platform for local and multinational businesses, NGOs, governmental organizations to post the challenges they face. They are then matched with creative solutions provided by tapping the wisdom of the crowd and ideas from Yomken’s networks of innovators.

Planned Goals and Milestones

We are currently expanding vertically (by providing more backend services) and also horizontally (by expanding our model to other countries in the region) with the support of our partners. By our vertical expansion, we provide extra services for our solution seekers in addition to the #CrowdSolving services: • Consultation on Innovation Management • Organizing internal activities and training to promote innovation and build capacity in the organization • Innovative Organizational Re-engineering • Technology Foresight for Business Planning
We are currently working on a PPP project in order to expand our services on a larger scale. Follow our blog for more news:http://www.yomken.com/news
Funding Goal100,000
Projected Cumulative Lives Impacted1,000,000


Mar 2019
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