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We provide a non-conventional sanitation solution for families who live in informal human settlements in Lima and lack access to water and safely managed sanitation.


Isabel Medem

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Stage 4: Transition to Scale

After the successful implementation of a pilot project with 40 families in 2012, we extended our operations to serve currently over 900 families in 3 districts in Lima. We are optimizing our operations, in order to be able to scale our project.

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Peru has one of the poorest sanitation indexes in Latin-America: almost 30% of the population lack access to an adequate solution. In Lima, a city challenged by unplanned growth and water scarcity, more than 850,000 people lack access to a proper sanitation facility. They have to use pit latrines or even practice open defecation as alternatives.

The complexity of the problem in Lima requires a socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable approach.



Through the project “Family’s”, running since 2012, the social enterprise x-runner offers a reliable, affordable and accessible sanitation solution. The system consists of awareness campaigns, the installation of the dry toilet and the collection and management of the generated waste.

The project’s innovative and waterless sanitation system instantly improves people's health, hygiene and
general living conditions at home.

Target Beneficiaries

Currently we serve over 4,500 individuals in more than 150 different human settlements in the south of Lima. Our target beneficiaries are low-income families. Before using our waterless sanitation system, 93% of our clients used pit latrines, while the other 7% didn’t have any sanitation system.

Women and children represent the most benefited sector of the population, due to their high vulnerability caused by inadequate sanitation.

Mission and Vision

Our vision expresses the world that we wish to see and that we are working towards. Both the sustainability as well as the inclusiveness of basic services are at the core of our vision.

Our vision is a world in which cities provide basic services to their citizens in a sustainable and inclusive way.

Our mission is to create alternative sanitation solutions that adapt to the realities and needs of each context in a sustainable way.

Innovation Description

X-runner offers a sustainable sanitation solution that provides urban households with a portable dry toilet and a responsible service that removes and converts the human waste into compost, thus improving the daily lives, health and environment of thousands of individuals.

Our non-conventional sanitation solution consists of a Container Based Sanitation (CBS) system which provides homes with a dry toilet of high technology and also includes the collection and responsible treatment of the generated waste and a continuous customer service support. Once a week we pick up the feces from every household or respective collection points and bring them to the treatment plant, where they are transformed into compost, an ecological fertilizer. This is how we avoid that the families are in direct contact with the fecal waste as well as the accumulation or inadequate management of the feces.

Our clients pay a monthly fee of 12$ for the pick-up service. But as we offer this service to low-income households, it is subsidized by grants and prize money from international foundations.

We are also a founding part of the CBS Alliance which seeks to formalize CBS as a widely accepted and endorsed approach among municipalities and regulators, to help non-conventional sanitation services to reach scale, and to achieve sustainable impact in urban areas around the world. (http://www.cbsa.global/#/)

Competitive Advantage

We’ve managed to develop an effective, affordable and accessible system that solves the urgent sanitation problem immediately. Moreover, our solution truly adapts to the social and environmental needs and challenges of marginalized areas in the city.

Within few days people can get access to a safely managed container based sanitation system which functions without water and has an immediate impact on the health of our users. Otherwise they would be obligated to continue using pit latrines and to wait 15 years on average to have access to a water and a sewage system.

While most alternative sanitation solutions for low-income areas focus on a specific “product”, our approach is innovative as it focuses on an end-to-end service that takes care of the whole sanitation value chain for the emptying, transport, and safe management of the waste. This approach complies with the updated Sustainable Development Goal for ‘safely managed’ household sanitation.

Planned Goals and Milestones

We have 3 major goals for the next year: 1) Keep expanding to new coastal areas in Lima to impact a total of 6,000 beneficiaries. 2) Fully implement an Optimization Project with the support of Columbia Business School mentors aiming to improve the efficiency of our processes to reduce the costs per household and scale more rapidly. 3) Develop a government relations strategy in order to promote and implement new pilot projects in other urban and rural areas around the country.

Funding Goal450,000
Projected Cumulative Lives Impacted6,000


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