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Wooyoung Engineering

Arsenic purifying system for small town in peri-urban and rural area

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Seungil Pak

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Stage 4: Transition to Scale

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Water Supply/Quality

Water Supply/QualitySEE LESS

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Water supply has not been available even 10 kilometers from Hanoi, the center of Vietnam. The bed town uses water from daily living using appropriate technologies(i.e.AT), but has exceeded WHO arsenic standards. The timing of distribution through the Vietnam water supply basic plan does not solve the immediate problem untill 2050. Measures are needed to speed up the supply of water.



We will build a distributed facility by 2030 to improve living conditions in the peri-urban : installing and operating DeAs system in homes, schools, preschools and public institutions., etc

Target Beneficiaries

DeAs beneficiaries : 1. The unferprivileged people affected by arsenic contaminated water 2. Areas where water supply is not provided

Mission and Vision

We expect to provide DsAs system : 1 steps :Reduction of disease caused by arsenic 2 steps : Contribution to advancing the time of Vietnam water supply from 2050 to 2030 3steps : Solving international arsenic problem

Innovation Description

The concentration of arsenic in groundwater is below the WHO standard of 10 ppb : 1. Possible to treat water contaminated with common bacteria and heavy metals 2. Remove high concentration arsenic and high turbidity 3. Significant cost reduction 4. Easy to maintain

Competitive Advantage

There are many treatment for arsenic contaminated water. DeAs system is easy to operate and can treat high concentration of arsenic as compared with other treatment mothods.(10 times or more high concentration treatment) So, DeAs system is applicable anywhere and can meet WHO standards.


Jun 2018
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Water Supply/Quality
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