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Wonder Tree - Augmented Reality Games for Special Children

We develop augmented reality based games for the therapy and cognitive development of children with special needs.


Aamna Hassan

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Stage 4: Transition to Scale

We are currently impacting the lives of 400+ children with special needs across 4 cities in Pakistan. Having being deployed in 8 schools & 2 hospitals. After this validation we want to expand nationally & internationally and redefine special education

Registered in Pakistan.

Focus Areas:

Cognitive Development, Technology, Disability and 3 MoreSEE ALL

Cognitive Development, Technology, Disability, Entrepreneurship, Inclusive Education and InclusionSEE LESS

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PakistanSEE LESS

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We are addressing the exclusion of children with special needs in Pakistan. Special needs development is not accessible or very costly. And without proper development these children are left out of the society unable to. There are only 330 special schools & 1 Million children with special needs. And only 1 psychologist & therapists for 250,000 Pakistanis. There is no standardized special ed curriculum in Pakistan. We are changing this by providing cheaper, efficient, measurable and accessible solution for education and therapy



We have used the technology of Augmented Reality and gamified special education, cognitive development activities and therapy exercises. Game also includes reports through which the progress of every child can be monitored. Games also have adjustable settings which allow the game to be adjusted to every child playing the game. This way children with various or multiple disabilities can play the game and improve on their own pace. The objective of the games is to build abilities in children with special needs. i.e motor control, hand eye coordination, attention retention, pattern recognition and following etc. By focusing on developing skills and introducing adjustable settings our games can be played by children from diverse disabilities i.e cerebral palsy, autism spectrum, down syndrome, ADHD, etc.

The games have been designed with close feedback from psychologists, clinical therapists, special educators and parents. The medical professionals belong to one of the most renowned medical institutions in Pakistan.Through using technology and gamification we bridging the gap for the lack of special schools, medical professional there for the development of children with special needs. Through WonderTree we are making special education and development cheaper, efficient, measurable and accessible for everyone.

Target Beneficiaries

Parents of children with special needs

Clinicians, medical experts

Special Ed or inclusive schools

Hospitals and clinics

Following are the disabilities on which WonderTree can work:

Down Syndrome, Autism, ADHD, Slow Learning Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, Learning Disabilities, Speech/Language Delays, Social/Emotional Disorder

Also Patients undergoing: Rehabilitation, Parkinson disease, recovering from Trauma

Mission and Vision

Vision: To make every special needs child reach their fullest potential
Mission: By making special education and development cheap, efficient, measurable and accessible to everyone everywhere.

Innovation Description

  1. We are using augmented reality: The games are a form of mirror therapy where the children are able to see themselves when they are playing the games. This greatly helps in improvement and encourages and motivates the children (as they are submerged into a world where they can see themselves winning and accomplishing things.

  2. Reporting: WonderTree features reports for every game so that the progress can be monitored

  3. Artificial Intelligence: We are using the data that we are collecting from the reports for AI. To make the game evaluate the child during game play and make adjustments in the games to make it more effective for the child. We are already using emotional recognition to determine the mood of the child playing our games.

  4. Feedback and game requirements: We make sure that the games that we are making have the most impact and are the most effective. We are doing this through human centered design. We are constantly involved with our customers and medical experts and all games are constantly being iterated and made better.

  5. Our target market: Our target market is unique itself. There aren’t many startups/businesses working for the development of children with special needs.

Competitive Advantage

We are using latest Augmented Reality technology that makes the games interactive and stimulate interest among children. The games come with custom settings that can be set according to user's capability, adaptable for different disabilities and generate comprehensive reports that can be used by therapists or parents to monitor progress. Afford ability is also one of our strongest aspects which makes our games highly accessible even to low income groups in under developed countries such as Pakistan.

Planned Goals and Milestones

Artificial Intelligence in games: To make the games adaptive towards children with different disabilities, make the games able to evaluate the child and make the games more efficient. WonderTree App Store: To grow the game library of WonderTree games, by providing 3rd party developers with access and tools to develop games. Mobile Platform: Using Google AR Core and Apple AR Kit to make our games available on mobile phones, making it even more accessible.

Funding Goal270,000
New Implemented CountriesUnited Kingdom, United Arab Emirates
Recruit2 Sales national, 1 Sales International, 1 Marketing Manager, 1 Social Media Manager, 1 Customer Service Representative, 1 Data scientist
New FeatureCreate customized reports for different target audiences, Enable international online payment solutions


Apr 2018
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Jun 2016
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TITLE3rd Prize At Global Innovation through Science and Technology Tech-I Pitch 2016
Oct 2015
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