Updated Sep 05, 2019

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The Real-Time Public Alerting Platform


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Stage 3: Proof of Concept


Globally, disaster management agencies have a need to communicate more effectively with their local communities in emergency situations. Currently, alerting accuracy is quite poor due to the nature of incumbent systems leading to over-alerting & alert desensitisation. RISCalert allows local & national agencies to pinpoint alerts right down to the individual citizen level providing updated information on evolving events such as floods, wildfires, hurricanes, evacuations, recovery operations etc.

Innovation Description

RISCalert is an online platform enabling public safety agencies and utilities to communicate with their local populations as they prepare for, face and recover from disasters such as hurricanes, wildfires, dam failures, flooding, chemical spills etc. The platform enables customised messages to be sent to at-risk individuals or groups based on the recipient’s location right down to house level. Agencies can further segment the audience of an alert based on the type of recipient -whether they are a resident or a business for instance. RISCalert provides all agencies with an unrivalled degree of alerting granularity that can be used to better prepare and guide affected populations throughout every kind of crises. For the citizen, RISCalert significantly improves their current reality of needing to monitor, coordinate and decipher numerous sources of information at the height of a life threatening emergency. RISCalert gives authorities the opportunity to communicate with the general public directly and accurately, giving the public one true source of critical, trustworthy information with which they can make better decisions and have more time to take preventative action. The long term vision for RISCalert is for it to become the leading global public alerting system, used by all responding agencies throughout all kinds of disasters experienced in every type of environment- from flooding in Queensland or tidal surges in Bangladesh to landslides in Venezuela.

Competitive Advantage

RISCalert allows alerts to be sent to individuals based on the individuals location. Incumbent systems use a more broad-stroke/broadcast approach alerting all recipients within a cell tower area or zip code. A zip code area could be as large as 90 square miles in the USA or a cell tower area could contain hundreds of thousands of people or more. In many developing countries alerting systems do not exist yet social media is prevalent. Effective alerting involves giving impacted people the right information at the right time based on their location so that they may act accordingly with information that is timely and highly relevant to them. Our research suggests that the RISCalert platform is currently the only dedicated public alert and warning system that brings all responding agencies under the one roof, centralising all public alerts from all agencies in the one place, freeing up first responder resources for other tasks whilst reducing the stress and anxiety experienced by the general public during disasters usually spent frantically searching through multiple sources for critical, life saving information. In offering the highest level of alerting granularity, agencies can distill customised information that may differ from neighbour to neighbour and home to home. RISCalert will change disaster communications and emergency management.