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We me

We-Me Initiative - Women Entrepreneurs in Media and Education

Spur rural entrepreneurship for women by setting up local, profitable enterprises that offer in-demand, positive impact TV and internet to local communities.


Sucheta Baliga

Stage 2: Research & Development

We have understood the need-gap and the solution to make local cable operations viable, as well as the way to make it sustainable. We are currently optimizing to make the headend server infra at a tenth of the usual cost

Focus Areas:

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Our innovation addresses the issue of livelihoods in rural areas, especially for rural women.



Our solution brings to rural areas a media distribution technology which is typically urban. We set up local cable TV + broadband+ local TV channel networks in rural areas which deliver cheaper services at cheaper than current cost (due to tech, localisation & proximity). These networks are owned and operated by women, ensuring good service, recurring revenues/stable livelihoods and dissemination of women-centric content via local TV channels.

Target Beneficiaries

Our primary beneficiaries are rural women who earn sustainable, stable livelihoods under this initiative. Our secondary beneficiaries are rural households who save money on TV and internet services.

Mission and Vision

We hope to generate stable and sustainable livelihoods by bringing urban generated services to rural India. Quality jobs are difficult to access if you live away from the city and more so if you're a woman. Full participation of women in the workforce is recognized as one of the core foundations of a productive and developed society. Quality employment and income allows us greater freedom and respect, while also building a better marketplace and community.

Innovation Description

Television signals and broadband internet reach our homes and devices through satellite and ground infrastructure. ​ Headend + Server infrastructure via which TV channels and internet are delivered to homes requires significant investment in equipment, network + subscriber management and regulatory approvals. This quantum of investment and operational costs restricts the deployment of this infrastructure to dense, paying customers. ​ At We-Me, we deploy right-sized and customised headend server infra at a tenth of the usual cost. This decentralised infra is supported by a shared network + subscriber management blockchain and common regulatory approvals. ​ The running cost of such networks comprise of the cost of TV channels content and equipment operations management (technical staff, electricity etc.). Unlike regular networks and thanks to our TV broadcast partners, We-Me's service comes with over 300 TV channels at no cost. ​

Competitive Advantage

Our technology and strategic partnerships with MSOs, broadcasters and recently the government enable us to be very competitive.

Planned Goals and Milestones

The next stage for us is to scale to 15 We-Me enterprises serving 37,500 customers every month and generating ~ 200 livelihoods.
Funding Goal45,000

The Team Behind the Innovation

We-Me initiative was conceptualised and launched by Ankit Mathur & Neha Juneja. Both are recognized social entrepreneurs having successfully developed & deployed technologies for impact. Ankit is a mechanical engineer & an MBA. He has multiple technology patents to his name and was recognized by the Economic Times amongst 40 leaders under forty. Neha is an Industrial engineer & an MBA. She was the first recipient of the Facebook India StartUp Award under the She Leads Tech Category and more.




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