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Forest regeneration by having waste to energy systems

The waste to energy bio-digester is an off-grid power source that breaks down organic waste which is then used as a fuel to power appliances.

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Mwila Lwando

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Stage 5: Scaling

We have achieved the proof of concept and have a functioning product. We are currently implementing 90 micro grid installations, connecting 1350 households. While we have other corporate and individual clients looking to reduce their energy costs.

Registered as a For-Profit in Zambia.

Focus Areas:

Biomass/BioFuel, Waste Management, Climate Change and Resilience and 5 MoreSEE ALL

Biomass/BioFuel, Waste Management, Climate Change and Resilience, Soil Management, Biodiversity, Forestry, Economic Empowerment and Behavioural DevelopmentSEE LESS

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It addresses the issue of power provision to off-grid areas and supply interruptions as a result of loadshedding and power outages. Presently, electricity in Zambia is only available to 20 to 23% of the population, the rest using charcoal, wood fuels, kerosene and petroleum oil as an alternative source. This exacerbates the deforestation problem in the country. Food security and honey production is negatively affected by deforestation as the lack of trees affects soil health.



We are providing the bio-digestion systems to the rural off-grid community on a utility model were we connect one digester to 15 houses while they receive a cooker and a heater in turn and pay for their daily usage using Mobile Money,@ $0.20 cents per day.

Beyond the utility is the employment pyramid that we deploy where we have 70 percent of the sales agents as women and all installations are done with locals who are trained as first level maintenance technicians.

Target Beneficiaries

The beneficiaries are the women and children who spend most of their time looking for firewood

The farmers who get to spend so much on fertilizers benefit as they now spend less for with more trees in the ecosystem they tend to preserve their soil nutrient levels

The women and local youths get to be empowered with well meaning jobs as they get to have better paying jobs unlike the current situation they have where they only make revenue from maize once a year

Mission and Vision

To provide clean sustainable energy for all

Innovation Description

The innovation that we have designed is the fabricated bio-digester that consumes organic waste which is then broken down in the digester, creating methane gas which becomes a clean energy source that is used to power appliances. We have also designed supporting products that are powered by gas such as cookers, room and brooder heaters which are used in a home or in chicken or piggery pens and milk chillers. This helps expand the applications of biogas for various people beyond the current scope of just cooking because now they have biogas powered heaters, milk chillers, generators and lighting.

The business Model is innovative in that we employ locals as sales agents of which 70% are women for they are the ones who spend most of their day fetching firewood. This eases the client acquisition process as they know their community members while it empowers women financially and in decision making on the household level.

While solar provides lighting our innovation provides cooking, heating and generation solutions which solar does not solve while on the same hand the integration of pay as you go gas utility makes us the first in this to provide such a solution.

Competitive Advantage

The advantage of this innovation is it turns an output (organic waste) into an input (fuel). In effect, it combines the field of waste management with that of power supply. Waste from the digesters also produces fertilizer as a by-product, which is used for soil enrichment in agriculture.

The innovation around our business is that clients get to pay for the products on a lease to own basis from financial institutions, while for the very rural clients we connect them to a grid and provide them cook stoves and they make 20cents/day repayment using Mobile Money on a utility model.

Our solution supports heavy and light load use for energy

Our solution not only provides power but brings about employment for sales agents and first level technicians who get 5% commission for all sales made

It supports the development of agriculture activities while on the same hand it improves soil nourishment with reduced deforestation

Planned Goals and Milestones

Our target is to install a further 500 micro grids connecting 2,500 homes

Funding Goal1,500,000
New Implemented CountriesZambia
Recruit2 management, 4 Lead Technicians, 4 regional sales leaders, 40 sales agents
New FeatureThe new digesters will also come with a biogas powered chiller plant that will support the locals with preserving their agriculture produce before it goes to market hence reduce post harvest loses


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