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Visionaria Network

Visionaria Network combines agency-based empowerment training and design thinking to enable youth to envision and dictate their futures.

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Paul Spurzem

Stage 3: Proof of Concept

Partnering with the Anta provincial ministry of education, we are training and coaching over 20 teachers in 16 schools for the 2018 school year to implement and evaluate the "Visionaria for Schools" program for 600 students in mostly rural areas.

Focus Areas:

Secondary Education, Youth Engagement and Contribution, Gender and 2 MoreSEE ALL

Secondary Education, Youth Engagement and Contribution, Gender, Teacher Development and Training and Workforce DevelopmentSEE LESS

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Too many products, services, and community programs fail to harness the insights of young people. At the same time, social norms, low quality education, and a lack of leadership opportunities inhibit youth - particularly young women - from engaging in the design and improvement of community offerings.



The "Visionaria" model combines agency-based empowerment, design thinking, and youth-led community projects to enable youth to envision and dictate their futures. In the process, students develop the skills, network, and experience to thrive in their school-to-work transition.

Target Beneficiaries

Our programs directly benefit young women and men, educators, and local development leaders (businesses, social organizations, government authorities). Indirectly, our programs serve community members targeted by youth projects.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to activate youth visions for personal and community development. We envision a world where every young person can transform their insecurities and practice leadership in their own lives and communities.

Innovation Description

Young women and men are at the center of our programming - as our aim is to facilitate learning experiences that transform their insecurities and practice leadership through community projects.

To reach youth through the educational system, we provide teachers with training and coaching support, while ensuring that each Visionaria lesson meets local curriculum and teaching standards.

Planned Goals and Milestones

By the end of 2018, we aim for Visionaria for Schools participants to generate over 200 student SDG insights (relevant research findings, perspectives, ideas) that will be organized and published for sustainable development practitioners to more easily consider youth perspectives in the design of their programs, products, and services.
Funding Goal80,000
New Implemented CountriesPeru
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New FeatureCreate more online training and support resources (videos, graphics, peer network) for individually motivated teachers outside of current Visionaria for Schools provinces.


Jan 2018
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Nov 2017
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Instituciones Educativas de nivel Secundaria
Sep 2016
New Product or Service
*Visionaria for Schools* - A youth-focused, multi-level, multi-stakeholder intervention in secondary schools that trains and supports teachers, builds the agency of adolescent girls and promotes the engagement of youth in local sustainable development solutions. (Learn more @ https://visionarianetwork.org/visionaria-for-schools)
Aug 2016