Updated Jan 16, 2018

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Stage 6: Sustainable Scale

Yes we have partnered with Microsoft Research India’s Technology for Emerging Markets Group to identify areas of improvement and the true impact of the innovation.

Registered in United States.

Focus Areas:

Agriculture, Cultivation & Tools, Post Harvest and 5 MoreSEE ALL

Agriculture, Cultivation & Tools, Post Harvest, Seeds & Stock, Soil Management, Technology, Digital Inclusion & Connectivity and Data/AnalyticsSEE LESS

Innovation Description

VideoKheti is a web application that provides easy access to our video library for for low-literate farmers and extension workers on any device. The navigational layer uses graphics, audio, and touch interaction to make simple choices in crop, crop phase and activity to reach the desired video. The application combines the strength of our existing video library with findings fromresearchconducted by Microsoft Research India’s Technology for Emerging Markets Group.
How does your innovation work?
VideoKheti helps farmers to find and watch agricultural extension videos in their own language and dialect, specifically English and Hindi. The application is trying to overcome high illiteracy rates by providing a mulit-dimmensional platform: speech, graphics, and touch, to help farmers in India and hopefully around the world.


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TITLEVideoKheti: Making video content accessible to low-literate and novice users