Updated Sep 05, 2019

VC Include

VC Include convenes female and diverse VC and impact fund managers and institutional investors for change


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Stage 4: Transition to Scale


1- Diversity in Asset Management (currently 1% of $70T are managed by women or people of color) 2- Gender equality in Venture Capital 3- Inclusion in the VC and Impact Space 4- Empowering the voices of Women of Color, globally, as investors 5- Creating an ecosystem of integrity, dignity and access for the next generation of innvators 6- Providing a solution to access to capital for women and women of color founder technology startups

Innovation Description

We are building an inclusive ecosystem. The first part of VC Include is the platform, which is a marketplace of institutional investors and female + diverse fund managers. The next part is the programming - we are advisors to our funds, and deliver LP feedback and produce convenings to connect our fund managers to LPs nationally. Lastly, we are working with larger LPs that are looking to invest in product that is returns driven and inclusive. We currently have 20 funds that have approximately 20-30 portfolio companies. All of the funds over index on women and people of color. This means that there are currently 400-600 companies, and at least 30% of them are women or people of color founded. If 120 diverse founders get funded, that will create a ripple effect in terms of the ability of some of these startups to scale their businesses. This is just in 8 months. Imagine these numbers in 2 years...3 years...5 years down the line. We can literally drive exponential growth by empowering diverse allocators!

Competitive Advantage

We have a differentiated perspective and methodology in the following ways: 1- We focus on diverse Venture Capitalists and Impact Investors. This is because we believe impact should not only be baked into VC, but also that Impact Investing will increasingly become more technology enabled. Understanding how the two intersect is a differentiator and will yield a higher probability for returns long term. 2- There are a handful of gender lens/investment platforms, but we're a little broader. We want to have diverse funds - not all one nationally or ethnicity, because we know that diversity of background, thought, etc. creates higher returns. 3- We haven't found a platform yet that's a community development approach to fund managers in Venture Capital exclusively. We don't work with the startups, only the fund managers. 4- We provide advisory services and matchmaking for LPs that are looking to connect with high quality, inclusive funds.