Updated Apr 05, 2018

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Utilicom Energy: Turn-Key Blockchain Micro-Grids Powering Sustainable Communities

Access utility-scale power on-demand and save up to 50% of costs on- and of-the-grid.

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Chifungu Samazaka

Stage 3: Proof of Concept

Utilicom takes energy from the sun, wind and the grid during off-peak hours, stores it and uses it during peak times when it is more expensive and scarce, allowing consumers to get utility-scale power on-demand and save up to 50% on costs.

Focus Areas:

Distributed Generation Systems, Energy Efficiency, Energy Service, Metering & Payment Systems and 2 MoreSEE ALL

Distributed Generation Systems, Energy Efficiency, Energy Service, Metering & Payment Systems, Solar and Wind & Water EnergySEE LESS

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Electricity consumers lack an easy way to maximize their access to clean energy and manage bills.

- No information on usage to help react to changes on the grid quickly.

- Little opportunity to avoid peak charges and blackouts

Power utilities spend too much time/money physically locating faults and manually rerouting power when they would rather be supplying power 24/7.

- ~8.2% of total output lost in transmission and distribution



We map, add sensors; software and batteries to new and existing power grids and, minimize power transmission and distribution losses using Artificial Intelligence on a fully-distributed Blockchain.

Target Beneficiaries

Water, waste and power utilities, Independent Power Producers (IPPs), rural villagers, urban city and slum dwellers, households, MSMEs, hospitals, schools, farmers, large firms, public institutions, local and regional authorities, developers.

Mission and Vision

Clean and resilient energy for all.

Innovation Description

Utilicom turn-key blockchain micro-grid and electricity cryptocurrency:

‘‘Access utility-scale power on-demand and save up to 50% of costs on- and off-grid”


- More clean, resilient and affordable power; producers and utilities compete for their business

- Save money by reducing expensive diesel and utility costs and eliminate interruptions from blackouts.

- Great job; power producers and utilities work hard for zero-waste and 24/7 uptime.

Water, waste and power utilities and independent power utilities:

- More power; less power lost at generation, transmission and distribution

- More money; more time serving customers

- Grow faster; dynamic power capacity + zero-waste = 24/7 uptime

Competitive Advantage

1. Utilicom Energy uses a flexible and infinitely scalable modular turn-key system.

  - Customers can build what they need now, and if peak demand grows, they can add more.

  - Does not tie up capital like the traditional power plants.

2. All transactions on the Utilicom grid are documented in a permanent decentralized record, and monitored securely and transparently.

  - Reduces times delays and human mistakes

  - Utilicom Energy monitors costs, labor and emissions at any point in the supply chain.

  - Helps understand and control the real environmental impacts of energy products.

Planned Goals and Milestones

We are seeking $85,000 seed funding (target close by EOQ3), so we can:

- Add 100kW / 400kWh capacity to the grid

- Demonstrate how distributed energy resources can be coordinated by the utility to optimize electricity distribution planning and operations.

- Scale/refine marketing/customer acquisition

- Scale customer service

- Scale infrastructure
Funding Goal85,000
New Implemented CountriesZambia
Recruit3 management
New FeatureCreate trans-active version that communicates across blockchains.


Date Unknown
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