Updated Apr 04, 2018

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Urban Arts and Literacy

The Urban Arts and Literacy, UAL online platform, seek to collecte data from youth groups&organizations on urban related topics as well as training them, while raising fund for their initiatives and creating more evidence to Policy makers.

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Ornella Ohoukoh

Stage 2: Research & Development

The Urban Arts and Literacy - UAL platform, is being developed actually in partnership with African Politics and Policy an online journal. We are actually in discussion with local governments to initiate partnerships and validate the proposal.

Focus Areas:

Literacy, Urbanization, Youth Engagement and Contribution and 3 MoreSEE ALL

Literacy, Urbanization, Youth Engagement and Contribution, Mentoring/Coaching, Communications and Media and Housing and InfrastructureSEE LESS

Implemented In:

Togo and Cote d'Ivoire

Togo and Cote d'IvoireSEE LESS

Countries Implemented In


Despite the importance of Youth mainstreaming in the implementation of the New Urban Agenda, only few urban focused initiatives exist actually in Togo and Ivory Coast. The reasons are the lack of literacy, lack of government implication and lack of existing platforms facilitated by young people to create awareness regarding the way young people can get involved in the Habitat process as a whole, using arts and culture. Art is a common language to be used to reach and emulate Urban actions.



Throughout an online platform, the initiative will collect data regarding the role young people are playing yet for human settlements and also identify their real expectations. Trainings will then be organized to help sharpen their understanding of the issues and what they could do to provide changes. At the end, an annual Cultural event (international dance competition) will serve as fundraising activity to support projects from small groups of young people from rural and urban regions.

Target Beneficiaries

The direct beneficiaries will be Youth organizations in Togo and Ivory Coast that will receive strong training regarding the New Urban Agenda and its means of implementation. The indirect beneficiaries will be local communities as each year, winners of the dance competition will compete to raise part of the grant for a community based project such as, infrastructure project, gender based issue, house policy implementation. Other will be Policy makers, governments and research organizations.

Mission and Vision

UAL vision is an African society where young people are aware of the huge potential of arts and culture as strong development assets and using them to spur the achievement of the Agenda 2030. The mission is to facilitate this vision by creating a platform to provide access to information, knowledge sharing and facilitate fund-raising for small local youth groups in urban and rural areas while collecting data to provide more evidence on urban based issues.

Innovation Description

The first steps of this project is to develop partnerships with local governments, Urban focused International and National NGOs with great impact and UN agencies. The second step will consist on launching a call for contribution, articles, Policy briefs, short films to collect data from the realities of young people in their respective areas and what need to be done to make changes. Based on first results, trainings resources will be developed and scholarships will be granted to selected youth organizations to take part in trainings on the NUA and its means of implementation. This step will be small scale consultations. The third step will be connecting youth artistic groups (urban arts, dancers, writers, designers) to youth organizations in the view to help them define strategies to make of arts and culture pillars of development policies implementation. The final step will be a dance competition. In fact dance is the common language of all African young people and this generation as developed an unprecedented connection through dance. The competition will oppose youth groups and organizations from many region each coming to raise funding for an issue. Funds will be raised bu the UAL Team throughout the process each year.

Competitive Advantage

We have many youth centered cultural activities initiated in the region such as sensitization campaigns, soccer tournaments fashion show and many more to stand against some social issues, however we cannot evaluate in which manner these activities are really getting young people involved throughout all the process. The difference of UAL is that we want to teach them how to work from the beginning to the end of problems identifications and resolution. At the end, these organizations will have not only a better understanding of their local issues but be gifted with skills to develop solutions and find ways to address them as well. Another interesting advantage is that UAL as a platform will give more visibility to youth groups and their actions done on the ground. With our dynamic team, we will work to secure funding for local URBAN initiatives while creating important data base available for policy makers for advocacy and project development regarding the New Urban Agenda.

Planned Goals and Milestones

Actually, the idea is clear, the African Politics and Policy is developing a page to host the project from their website (due to limited resources), and governments of Togo and Ivory Coast was approached and expressed their readiness to support initiatives from ISOD (Social Innovation and Development) the organization founded by the UAL project initiator. Next, we are on the way to submit the final draft proposal to raise funding for the second step which is hosting the trainings sessions.
Funding Goal10
New Implemented CountriesGhana, Benin, Nigeria
Recruit1 Project manager, 3 Field managers, 1 Grant officer, 1 Media and Communication Adviser, 2 Finance officers, 20 Volunteers
New FeatureCreate a Data base of Youth organizations involved in urban issues on the website plus short presentation of their actions.


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Cote d'Ivoire
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