Updated May 07, 2018

Socios en Salud

Universal Baby - video innovation for infant neurodevelopment in Peru


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Stage 3: Proof of Concept

Over 200 million children worldwide are at risk of losing their developmental potential, creating and sustaining intergenerational poverty. Data is scarce but a pilot found that more than half of children in Lima, Peru, have neurodevelopmental delay. Research shows that early stimulation and responsive parent-child interactions help to build young neuronal density and buffer the effects of poverty. However, distributing this knowledge to vulnerable families has been a challenge.

Registered in Peru.

Focus Areas:

Health, Communications and Media and Social and Behavior Change

Health, Communications and Media and Social and Behavior ChangeSEE LESS

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Innovation Description

Socios En Salud (SES) Peru will test Universal Baby (UB), a game-changing, catalytic video intervention that dramatically mitigates cost and loss of information associated with training community health workers to coach parents.
How does your innovation work?
UB engages caregivers as social entrepreneurs by visually demonstrating short, graphically-enhanced, culturally-specific practices of serve and return interaction (S&R). The approach innovates by integrating video, mobile technology, social media and social modeling, as a bold new way to scale and sustain intervention for child life outcomes.

Planned Goals and Milestones

Community health workers will be trained to integrate UB in their home visits to impoverished young families in an effort to reach low-literate audiences through high-impact learning, to cultivate local caregiver knowledge and best practices.


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