Updated Sep 05, 2019


UniExo exoskeleton device reduces recovery period caused by injuries by assisting and supporting patients outside the healthcare facilities.


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Stage 4: Transition to Scale


Hundreds of millions of people after accidents, neurological diseases need physical rehabilitation. It's also different traumas in different situations. Only 3 out of 10 people are fully restored, 7 out of 10 this people receive ineffective, uncontrolled and rather expensive treatment. And as result have problem with movements after rehab, but only 1 person out of 100 can buy and use exoskeleton. As a result treatment is unproductive, people feel unwell do not return to a full life

Innovation Description

UniExo is working now on «UniExo rehab service" business model, where patients will be able to rent a suitable exoskeleton for a rehabilitation period assigned by the doctor. Upon the termination of the rehab program, the patient will return the exoskeleton device back to UniExo company, for the next clients. That can provide exoskeleton more affordable to many regions and reduce price can open opportunity to use devices for many social categories with insurance or without insurance. It's good reason change old wheelchairs to new technology of walk and assistance for people with movement problems and disabilities. For grows number of devices we need more resources ( about that, local factories will need work make around 5000 devices every year, two super computers during the first few years, can provide computing power for UniExo service and our assistant AI of making movements), for providing our devices with healthcare facilities, hospitals and insurance companies our UniExo service with exoskeletons by affordable prices. If we start in 2020 launch service, according to our plan for the future, every month we can cover 416 people with problems using these devices.

Competitive Advantage

First innovative it's modular construction of device, not need stationary equipment and lot assistance. Second, price and not need additional assistance of doctors every time, device in remote doctor's supervision. Third, machine learning algorithms helps track health, also self-work with doctor to change programs of rehab. Fourth, flexible business model, patients will be able to rent a suitable exoskeleton for a rehabilitation period assigned by the doctor, and comeback device to company after use period. Fifth, UniExo team tests "UniExo rehab service" with machine learning and AI assistant, for use devices everywhere under remote doctor's supervision. It's can help exoskeletons work more efficient and safe in online and offline mode.