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Uganics Mosquito Repellent Soap

We envision a malaria free world. Our mission is toincrease awareness of malaria and prevent the spreadutilizing natural components to ward off mosquitoes.


Joan Nalubega

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Stage 4: Transition to Scale

We have acquired product certification in Uganda with the National Drug Authority, carried out tests in Mannheim University German. We have over 13 hospitals on board working with us in awareness, 5 hotels and over 12 distributors purchasing monthly.

Focus Areas:

Economic Empowerment, Infectious & Vector Diseases and Prevention & Vaccination

Economic Empowerment, Infectious & Vector Diseases and Prevention & VaccinationSEE LESS

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Malaria is one of today’s major global health challenges and has been associated with slow socio-economic development and poverty. In Uganda, children below five years are the most affected with malaria. According to the Ministry of Health, currently 90% of 100,000 recorded malaria deaths in Uganda are children, especially from rural areas. The majority of rural communities are not aware of the causes of malaria none of the preventive measures available.



We envision a malaria free world. Our big idea is to utilize existing habits to introduce a solution that can truly create impact starting at the core of the problem. Our social business model enables us to economically sustainably provide cross-financed affordable organic mosquito repellent soap and malaria sensitization to rural communities through high-margin sales to resorts and tourists.

Target Beneficiaries

Uganics is leveraging an everyday consumer product to fight Malaria, one of Africa’s biggest killer. All African families use soap almost on a daily basis and with organic and locally sourced mosquito repellent ingredients Uganics soap is a certified medical product rural mothers with children can afford through subsidies from sales to the tourism sector in East Africa. Awareness campaigns support the efforts in sensitizing rural communities on the causes and preventive measures of Malaria.

Mission and Vision

We are committed towards eradicating Malaria in Uganda through a Social Business Model. Uganics aims to reduce malaria deaths by up to 20% in the first five years of operations in Uganda mainly in children below five years of age in rural communities through our product and active malaria sensitization work.

Innovation Description

Plants such as citronella have been used for years have been used to repel insects through both their vapour toxicity and the activation of odour receptors. We derived our formula from different kinds citronella. By incorporating these natural organic repellent mechanisms into everyday and affordable product, Uganics makes malaria protection safe and accessible to everyone without needing to incur behavioral changes. We support affected mothers by providing organic mosquito repellent in form of soap. The soaps repellent nature can be utilized in three ways: 1. When mothers in malaria affected areas use the soap for bathing children, mosquitoes are repelled for up to six hours. 2. If used for washing, the repellent components stay in the clothes, also providing protection from bites. 3. The water after washing when poured in mosquito breeding areas prevents mosquitoes from breeding in stagnant water. Our soap is produced using organic essential oils. We train women from marginalized financial access, on growing herbs organically and methods of essential oil extraction. The women can then earn income and advance towards self-sustainability by regularly providing our production with herbs and essential oils. Uganics thereby not only attends one of the most pressing health issues in Uganda and Africa at large but simultaneously empowers women by providing them with a stable means to become economically independent and support their families.

Competitive Advantage

The contraction of Malaria can best be prevented by the prevention of mosquito bites. The available solutions to do so are repellents that are applied to skin, clothes or rooms as well as mosquito nets. Our solution solves the three biggest challenge with existing solutions:

· The non- or misuse due to lacking awareness of malaria cause and prevention possibilities

· Affordability

· Health hazards

Planned Goals and Milestones

Besides building up our customer base, production facilities and distribution network we plan to increase our sensitization work by building up a network of facilitators. We aim to achieve our goal of reducing malaria cases by 20% in Uganda now in the next three years. To drive product development we will conduct an academically founded market study. We aim to expand within Africa and investigate the European market potential.
Funding Goal100,000
New Implemented CountriesRwanda
Recruit3 management, 24 employees, 5 trainers of trainers, 3 volunteers
New FeatureTraining of malaria sensitization facilitators in all parts of Uganda, set up more oil extraction centers


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