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TV serial production with project titled (A MARK WITH A SMILE)

The world turning digital have vented many new TV stations and in Ghana alone, about 100 more TV stations have joined the industry increasing the demand for TV serial Productions.

Nana nketia 2

Nana baah-ye Akuoko-nketia

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Stage 4: Transition to Scale

STK producing 6 seasons of 14 episodes at 50 minutes duration each for the Africa market. Currently 30 episodes of scripts representing 2 seasons are ready for shooting.

Registered in Ghana.

Focus Areas:

Agriculture, All Sectors, Waste Management and 3 MoreSEE ALL

Agriculture, All Sectors, Waste Management, Economic Growth and Trade, Communications and Media and HIV and AIDSSEE LESS

Funds Raised to Date


The world turning digital, have vented many new TV station, increasing the demand for TV programs. In Africa, lack of funding for developing the local TV content programs have been impossible making these stations depend on foreign contents meeting their demand. The viewing demand for Telenovela is on the rise such that advertisers are willing to pay huge sums to advertise their products on the Telenovela programs.



Soultown KiNEMA (STK), a Multimedia company is established for the sole purpose of setting standards of professionalism, creativity and excellence in the production of 3D comic and animation productions, soap opera productions, with film and documentary as its minors have gathered an impressive collection of "timeless" new stories produced by the CEO.

Target Beneficiaries

The TV Stations -Meeting the local African demand.

Expanding broadcasting -Without the Music, Arts and Culture of the people Broadcasting becomes meaningless. The broadcasting stations have the requisite rite to deploy the music industry.

The Creative Industry -This industry can reduce the unemployment situations in the Africa. Students will find fund for project works encouraging freelancers.

Mission and Vision

The mission is to provide quality TV programs, telenovela, comics and animations (cartoons) to promote our social African life styles and provide for the Local content demand of TV stations.

The vision is to use Television programs to educate the youth and the populace on our social life, which keeps deteriorating due to the influx of foreign programs.

Innovation Description

STK, in partnership with GBE, BC and FVC are producing 7 seasons of 14 episodes at 50 minutes TV series entitled A mark with a smile developed and written by Nana Baah-ye Akuoko-Nketia.The concept is an adaptation from 3 manuscripts, the TV License, Disorderliness and the media in Africa which are screen played into 7 seasonsTheProducer’sCry is the babyI, TheProducer’sCry is the babyII, The BountifulBeautifulGhana (BBG), The PlasticPlights,The Move for Music, GH Apaafour, andAkuafour at The Fan Milk Avenue.

Competitive Advantage

The arrival of satellite channel TV Telemundo has been bad news for the fledgling sector of African-made TV series since lack of funding for production most TV programs are of very poor quality. The advantage STK is having over these local very few production companies is, we have the best of foreign expertise. The Director is a renowned Canadian film director Denis Chattaway and the post production company is Focii Video Creatives based in Chicago USA.

Planned Goals and Milestones

We are currently soliciting for funding to start production through fund raising programs. We are building more scripts for production. Currently we have 30 episodes ready for production.
Funding Goal700,000
New Implemented CountriesGambia, The, Cameroon, Nigeria, South Africa
Recruit4 Production Companies, 5 member board, 15 production team, 5 internship trainees, 5 main Characters, and 30 extras


May 2017

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