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Improving emotional resiliency and well-being for all youth & adults with focus on prevention, early intervention, and public health.

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Sachin Chaudhry

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Stage 4: Transition to Scale

TrustCircle is receiving demand from India, Africa, and the United States, to help accelerate impact @scale we are looking to join forces with strategic business and funding partners. Together we can help change the status quo.

Focus Areas:

Positive Youth Development, Behavioural Development and Social Development

Positive Youth Development, Behavioural Development and Social DevelopmentSEE LESS

Funds Raised to Date


There is a huge gap in the demand and supply of mental health care services in India. As per National Mental Health Survey 2015–2016 by NIMHANS-14% of India's population (150 M) Indians need immediate mental health intervention. With just over 6000 Psychiatrists serving the entire nation barely 1 in 10 is getting any help The WHO has predicted 20% of India's population will suffer from mental health issues by 2020. India needs solutions focused on prevention and early intervention.



TrustCircle utilizes mobile & AI technology to help improve emotionalresiliency & well-being for all. Our mhealth tools such as Connect, Tests, Insights, and Care are based on the 3P model: Preventative, Participatory, and Predictive that help creates awareness, reduces stigma, and empowers individuals, organizations, governments, states, districts, and cities to identify risks and take action.

Target Beneficiaries

Empower all individuals to assess, track, share, learn and improve their emotional well-being anywhere, anytime, on any device completely anonymously, securely, and absolutely free.

Empower Govt., enterprises, universities, schools, colleges, hospitals, cities, districts, and states to access real-time mental health analytics for their community population and help identify high-risk population/areas they can focus on to change the status quo.

Mission and Vision

Vision - To improve emotional resiliency & well-being for all.

Mission - There is a huge gap in the demand and supply of mental health care services globally. Our mission is to bridge this mental health care gap via TrustCircle.Our mobile health solutions are based on the 3P model: Preventative, Participatory, and Predictive that help creates awareness, reduce stigma, and make mental health care continuous, accessible, and affordable.

Innovation Description

TrustCircleis a digital health startup that utilizes mobile & AI technology to improve emotional resiliency &well-beingfor all. TrustCircle platform has been recognized by the Mental Health Innovation Network (The WHO Initiative) as an innovation in global mental health and is funded by TATA TRUSTS - Foundation for Innovation & Social Entrepreneurship.TrustCircle empowers all individuals ( youth & adults ) to assess. track, and learn about their mental health, gain access to community support - anytime, anonymously, and free for life. Organizations, cities, counties, and states can leverage TrustCircle real-time mental health analytics to identify high-risk population/areas and direct their limited resources to these high-risk population/areas to gain maximum impact for their efforts.

https://tests.trustcircle.co / https://connect.trustcircle.co/ https://insights.trustcircle.co

Competitive Advantage

TrustCircle builds the right balance of self, social, and medical support unlike any other solution that exists today.

Most competitors are trying to solve the last mile problem in a reactive mode i.e once a patient needs help connect them to online counseling resources for example YourDost, ePsyclinic or video consultations platforms such as DrOnDemand, Breakthrough - Instead TrustCircle is focused on Prevention, early intervention, and public health. TrustCircle is the only inclusive solution that brings together everyone in the mental healthcare ecosystem, including Govt. and NGOs - provides real-time mental health analytics, helps identify high-risk areas and population segments and builds a bias toward action, and increases incentives for individuals, providers, payers, community, and research organizations to come on board and therefore will stand out of its competition.

Planned Goals and Milestones

Empower 65,000 Individuals in 12 months with self-awareness, community support, and resources that help improve their emotional resiliency & well-being.
Funding Goal1,500,000
New Implemented CountriesSouth Africa
Recruit2 Management 5 Engoneering 2 Bus Dev & Growth 1 Marketing


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