Updated Mar 30, 2018

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Transparency Through the Eyes of Youth

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Adam Leclair

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Stage 3: Proof of Concept

Through a series of student led competitions involving up to 30 schools, student led teams created videos that both inform and empower young people to act against everyday corruption. On February 20th, the team hosted a ceremony to premiere the best videos and award prizes to the winning teams. Now, LEAD Fellows and student will turn the videos into teaching curriculum to be share with over 770 schools across Mongolia. This will provide learning materials for youth, by youth, and provide innovative and thoughtful ways to counter corruption.
The youth-made video curriculum will be distributed to over 770 schools this year. From this, the LEAD team will learn how impactful the video-based curriculum can be, and change approaches as needed.
Most young people argue that Mongolia's learning materials are out of date and don't encourage innovative or critical thinking. "Transparency through the eyes of youth" pairs learning, critical thinking, and video making. It encourage young people to use new, digital skills to create learning materials for other young people. While at the same time working to create a new generation of anti-corruption advocates. As the videos are distributed, the LEAD team will explore the impact. What are students learning? Are the encouraging their schools and communities to act against corruption? We will be tracking this evidence as the project grows!

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Focus Areas:

Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance, Youth and Social and Behavior Change

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Mission and Vision

This year, the LEAD team aims to provide its youth-developed video curriculum to over 770 high schools and universities across Mongolia. The end result will be innovative, engaging materials that are inspired by youth and ready-to-use by teachers.

Innovation Description

In Mongolia, youth are tackling transparency and anti-corruption by creating their own video content with creative and inspiring messages. A group of young transparency advocates taking part inthe Leaders Advancing Democracy (LEAD) program launched ‘Transparency Through the Eyes of Youth’ to spur social awareness among youth about what transparency is, why they should care, and what they can do to combat corruption.

Competitive Advantage

Young people are seldom asked to think about corruption. “We have to start with young people. But there is no high school level education about transparency and people think the only way to decrease corruption is to punish officials who take bribes," says LEAD Mongolia Fellow, Munkhjargal Munkhbat. He and a team of 10 other LEAD Fellows launched Transparency through the Eyes of Youth to get young people thinking how they should get involved. Mongolia boasts a strong democratic tradition, but for democracy and civil society to thrive, young people must be engaged in new and interesting ways. By using video competitions and and filmmaking skills, young people are, for the first time, being asked to show how corruption impacts them and how they can stop it!

Planned Goals and Milestones

The LEAD team recently signed a MOU with Transparency International in Mongolia, which has agreed to take over the initiative and launch the youth video competition as an annual event. The video making competitions will be introduced to more schools across the country!
Next, the team will use the video content to create teaching curriculum to be shared with more than 700 high schools across Mongolia. “We want to will send the DVD and training content to as many teachers as possible,” adds Munkhjargal.
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