Updated Jan 16, 2018

Transition to scale of an integrated program of nutritional care and psychosocial stimulation to improve malnourished children's development in Bangladesh


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Stage 4: Transition to Scale

Registered in Bangladesh.

Focus Areas:

Education, Parent & Family Engagement, Basic Education and 1 MoreSEE ALL

Education, Parent & Family Engagement, Basic Education and Social and Behavior ChangeSEE LESS

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BangladeshSEE LESS

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Innovation Description

Early cognitive development will be promoted through this program to treat malnourished children in rural Bangladeshi health clinics, improving the knowledge and skills of both mothers and field staff in early cognitive development.
How does your innovation work?
This project takes advantage of a time when kids and their parents are interacting with health clinics to provide more than just calories. The challenge is doing it in a way that is feasible to deliver by health workers with big workloads. The anticipated outcome: improvements in language skills among children, as well as better mental and psychomotor development for approximately 3,000 children.


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