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LABZUCA, an audiovisual producer entrepreneurship, was created in order to address the desire of children to work in communications related jobs. LABZUCA produces Ads, Documentaries, Music Videos and many other type of formats. It's main clients are public and private entities and produce content related to social topics, sports and other cultural productions.


Fundación Tiempo de juego

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Stage 4: Transition to Scale

LABZUCA trains local community members with recognized journalist and institutions from the industry. Also they offer the possibility to get a professional job and generate their own revenues in what they have chosen to be their favorite activity.
Registered in Colombia as Non-Profitin Colombia as Non-Profit

Focus Areas:

Education, Economic Growth and Trade, Methods & Learning and 4 MoreSEE ALL

Education, Economic Growth and Trade, Methods & Learning, Cognitive Development, Leadership Development, Technology and Digital DevelopmentSEE LESS

Funds Raised to Date


Tiempo de Juego was born as a variety of leisure time activities for children in vulnerable areas. Some of them had a desire to have a life project related to communications, journalism or related activities but didn't had the opportunity to apply the activities they liked the most.



LABZUCA was created as a communication collective and an audiovisual producer. It is operated by a majority of young local leaders who create and construct different type of innovative, creative and profesional content.

Target Beneficiaries

Young local Community Members.

Mission and Vision

Mission LABZUCA uses communication tools as social transformation device to promote capabilities in children and youngsters inspiring them to be change agents. Vision For 2030, LABZUCA will continue teaching communication tools to Young Local Leaders from vulnerable zones in Colombia.

Innovation Description

Tiempo de Juego develops integral social skills and life skills in youth from the most vulnerable and violent communities of Colombia through sports and other recreational activities. The addition of Communications Programs for the community has had and amazing impact and popularity among the members.

Competitive Advantage

LABZUCA and Tiempo de Juego's model consists in working and training local communities members and leaders in order leave the installed capacity in every region they work.

Planned Goals and Milestones

The idea is to continue scaling this model to impact more young and children from the communities Tiempo de Juego works with. Revenues are needed in order to produce better productions and have more diffusion and impact, specially in a globalized digital world.
Funding Goal250,000
Projected Cumulative Lives Impacted30
Recruit3 Managers, 3 operators, 3 interns
New FeatureNew Productions and scaling programm

The Team Behind the Innovation

Andres Wiesner - Director Pilar Ibañez Luisa Reyes Valeria Mejía Crístian Rojas Kathy Martínez



Dec 2020
Funds RaisedPENDING
Jan 2017
New Product Or Service
LABZUCA: Audiovisual and Communications Producer
Date Unknown
Recognition ReceivedVERIFIED
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