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Bruktawit Tadesse

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Stage 2: Research & Development

Focus Areas:

Extracurricular or Out-of School Activities and Agency

Extracurricular or Out-of School Activities and AgencySEE LESS

Implemented In:


EthiopiaSEE LESS

Country Implemented In


We will solve the attitudinal resistance and/or unwillingness to educate girls and lack of engaging, relevant educational supplementary materials.Target areas are remote with prolonged drought. Girls are marginalized by low awareness of need for girls_ education a early marriage and dependence on girls_ labour for economics/household chores. Schools are often under resourced and lack of quality supplementary materials in mother-tongue language.



Tibeb Program includes: TV animation series, Alternative Basic Education supplementary books development/distribution, teacher training on methodology/materials use and community mobilization.Series features 3 Ethiopian, adolescent superheroes leading audience on a fun, suspenseful, learning journey facing real-life challenges and provide courageous, life-enhancing solutions. We create a conducive environment through curriculum aligned supplementary books and traine teachers to re-enroll girls who stay engaged. Tibeb Program provides an entertaining way for all community members to engage in stimulating discussion on the value of women/girls, importance of their education, and its positive impact on the community. Tibeb Girls clubs and their ambassadors play a key role in ensuring sustainability. Our collaboration with Oromia Regional Broadcasting Agency adds sustainability with broadcasts of Tibeb series for wider reach and reuse for subsequent years. The Tibeb Girls content and style of production appeals far beyond Oromia Region and can be broadcast throughout the country and continent with appropriate language dubbing. Licensing to broadcasters, Ad revenue and Character merchandise could generate money to sustain future production development.Supplementary book production will be produced in support of existing curriculum and can be used in many provinces of the region/throughout the country after doing the language adaptations.

Target Beneficiaries

Beneficiaries are in underserved districts in Bale/Oromia Region of Ethiopia; 93% speak Afan Oromo. Area has low enrollment in primary school ( 66%) and a high dropout rate (over 30%).The beneficiaries live in poor drought-affected area, 27.1% of 10-18 year olds are married, normally staying out of school permanently. Focus is on 1,000 adolescent girls lacking basic literacy/numeracy skills. Collaboration with Oromia Education Bureau ensures that positive results will cause the Bureau to scale program in all woredas throughout region. Success here suggests the program will be repeated in other regions. It is measured by: number of engaging supplementary materials created and distributed, number of Alternative Basic Education classes run consistently in collaboration with Education Bureau, number of girls ABE-enrolled or re-enrolled in regular schools via Tibeb Program, increased self-esteem, confidence and knowledge of girls/ improved community attitude towards girls education.

Mission and Vision

Mission: To educate children and youth on a mass scale, through the creation and distribution of innovative, entertaining, culturally relevant media and materials

Innovation Description

TV animation series with adolescent superhero girls, targets out of school & marginalized girls to improve their learning and re-enrollment.

Competitive Advantage

Whiz Kids Workshop is the first and only children's educational media company in Ethiopia, recipients of numerous international awards for tackling previously unaddressed social issues in health/education. Tibeb Girls animation TV series and comic books is also first to portray girls as powerful, bold, intelligent, empathic, brave role models challenging: early marriage, fgm, and barriers to girls’ education. Other media and NGO efforts intended to support girls and tutoring programs haven’t come together as one unified project. Tibeb Program is distinctive because we integrate all efforts for maximum impact and sustainability. Create entertaining/engaging media materials that motivate and build confidence/ inspires them to learn/stimulates community conversations. Curriculum enhancement/teacher training/ supplementary materials Clubs that connect girls/break their isolation/girls bond with peers. Tibeb Ambassadors lead community mobilization for girls w/ teachers & mentors.


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