Updated Jun 28, 2018

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The Dhad Adventures helps Syrian refugee children to accelerate their learning of Arabic language skills to help them join local schools


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Stage 2: Research & Development

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Literacy and Technology

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Syria, Turkey, Iraq and 2 MoreSEE ALL

Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan and LebanonSEE LESS

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Education for refugees is crucial -a human right that restores hope & dignity, and because of its relevance for sustained livelihoods. Education for refugee children promotes psychological well being. A gap of 2+ years in learning Arabic, their first language, may not only have a detrimental impact on their Arabic literacy, but also joining local state schools in the host country. Access to robust curriculum in a new country or within camp may be difficult - informal and home based is essential



The Dhad Adventures is a structured literacy based app designed to promote accelerated learning to enable catching up or consolidation of essential Arabic literacy skills for children. It ensures required skills in the Lebanese curriculum are covered and children can start at the appropriate level for them. The game is a quest based adventure, featuring a confident and inquisitive girl as the lead character. Children join in her quest and at the same time develop literacy skills for reading, spelling and writing with adherence to strong pedagogical methodology and game based learning. The quest: complete a series of games with help from your friends. Upon completing a game, a new sticker is revealed. Games, grouped as sets of 4, lead to unlocking 4 stickers, at which point the child can receive the mystery hidden sticker.The multimodal app design aids differing learning styles, is underpinned by best practice for children of all abilities, and app will function with all mobile device accessibility settings. Multiple accounts can be created on 1 app, each with a personal avatar. A parents?? / teacher or caregiver section will allow tracking of children??s progress, and provide strategies/information on literacy development. Psychosocial wellbeing runs through the entire app??s gameplay. Emotive and psychosocial skills are woven into games.

Target Beneficiaries

Our users are Syrian refugee children aged 5-10 who live in urban areas in Lebanon. There are around 240,000 registered Syrian refugee children aged between 5 and 11 and an additional 70000-12000 unregistered refugees in Lebanon (UNHCR). Roughly half of these children are out of school, the majority of the other half attend a second shift in Lebanese public schools in very stressful and low resource environments causing likely delays in acquisition. Our app can be used by boys and girls but aims to particularly empower girls. It provides children with home based or non-formal school based support that helps them catch up or propel their skills in reading and writing in Arabic. We will collect data of users?? performance and self reported confidence anonymously to measure success and impact.

Mission and Vision

Founded in 2010, our ethos is to deliver solutions that make life easier by solving real world problems with technology.

Innovation Description

A gamified application for the Syrian refugee children to help them join local schools (where?) in Lebanon.

Competitive Advantage

We are the organization that helps big INGOs gain access to conflict impacted communities. Based on these learnings we launched an innovative award process to access grassroots Changemakers. These trainers would normally never be able to access international networks/training to support their community projects. Using a network approach we leverage the prevalence of social media that allows communities to be created at a global level. We have also created a portfolio of solutions for dealing with: the unbanked; risks of working with vulnerable communities; entities that have no legal structure, and data collection. We are pioneers in our awards approach to providing psychosocial support through sport and culture to refugees in some incredibly hard to reach areas. Our track record of understanding who we work with and building up from that for the last decade, and related successes, leads us to know that we, as a community, can make this innovation a success.


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