Updated Apr 12, 2018

The Puentes para el Empleo Makerspace Platform

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Stage 3: Proof of Concept

The grants for the Makerspace Platforms are currently in process.

Focus Areas:

Economic Growth and Trade, Leadership Development, Entrepreneurship and 9 MoreSEE MORE

Economic Growth and Trade, Leadership Development, Entrepreneurship, Private Sector Competitiveness, Education, Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET), Non-formal Education (OOS/ALP), Workforce Development, Youth, Youth Engagement and Contribution, Positive Youth Development and DIY/MakerspaceSEE LESS

Implemented In:

El Salvador

El SalvadorSEE LESS

Country Implemented In

Mission and Vision

With the Makerspace Platform, Puentes aims to:
  • Reach underserved youth with informal, youth-led training indigital fabrication, 3D design, and electronics tools as well as in soft skills such as effective teamwork and presentation.
  • Provide a platform for youth collaboration with industry to solve production challenges, design products, and otherwise provide youth-led solutions to market-driven needs.
  • Extend informal technical education opportunities beyond the audiences currently able to attend formal technical education programming.
  • Promote greater inclusion and balance in technical training opportunities.
  • Institute a monitoring and evaluation process to identify successful approaches.

Innovation Description

To enable sustainable employment, workforce development programming must develop not only the skills industry uses today, but anticipate what new skills will be necessary to drive economic growth. The El SalvadorPuentes para el Empleoproject is providing grants to establish two makerspaces as platforms for youth to apply novel techniques to industry-driven challenges, promoting hands-on technical and soft skills development with a tangible work product as credential.

Competitive Advantage

The Makerspace Platform will give youth a venue to develop hard skills -- CAD, digital fabrication, electronics design and implementation -- and soft skills -- problem solving, process management, working in teams. The skills-based challenges we will run on the Platform will motivate youth to build and utilize those skills to lead solutions to real-world industry problems. The work product itself serves as the credential: employers can evaluate the output, ask questions about the process, and assesss the potential impact these youth-led innovations can have on their business, while also getting to know the innovators.


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