Updated Apr 04, 2018

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The Global Digital Campaign

Initiative promoting equal opportunities in technology for underprivileged groups, using internet as a catalyst to foster digital literacy, innovation, entrepreneurship, community revitalization and thus bridging social, economic and digital divides.

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Stage 2: Research & Development

Currently in the brainstorming and design phase

Focus Areas:

Technology, Education and Digital Inclusion & Connectivity

Technology, Education and Digital Inclusion & ConnectivitySEE LESS

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Technology is advancing at a rapid rate, yet not everyone benefits in the same way. This is especially true when looking at gaps within and between countries.



Design an initiative which strives to develop a distinctive collection of people, institutions, amenities and relationships that combine in finely tuned ways to create equal opportunities for the underprivileged groups while using technology and the internet as a catalyst to foster digital literacy, innovation, entrepreneurship, community revitalization and in so doing bridge the social, economic and digital divide globally.

Innovation Description

Develop innovation hubs in lacking regions through an ecosystem lens and assembling a multidiscipline leadership team as well as partners to ensure that the targeted regions are being ambitious and comprehensive in taking on the core elements that drive digital literacy and innovation, and hence provide a competitive advantage for entrepreneurship and businesses with cities in a global economy; Reimagining the spaces around refugee camps, villages, universities and research institutions as places that can be shaped physically and strategically to anchor an innovation ecosystem, providing all sorts of critical ingredients to attract digital literacy demand, research, innovation and entrepreneurship. It also creates a platform for information and knowledge sharing across regions. It will work by organising a minimum of two cohorts annually in a targeted region. Interested candidates will be given mentors and taken through different training modules which will include (but are not limited to): basic computer literacy and training, the history and productive use of the internet, entrepreneurship and leadership. After completing the modules, candidates will be encouraged to identify problems in their communities and develop innovative solutions, best emerging candidates will engage in exchange programs in different regions (depending on availability of resources), and they will also be linked to professional networks.

Planned Goals and Milestones

Promoting computer literacy through training (August 2018 – February 2019), knowledge sharing (January 2019- June 2019), and international collaboration (June 2019- January 2020).


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