Updated Sep 05, 2019

The Albizia Project

This global online marketplace creates economic drivers for ecosystem restoration.


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Stage 3: Proof of Concept


MM is addressing the problems caused by unconstrained material consumption of natural resources, which is increasing the pace and scale of social and ecological crises that we face today. The global economic paradigm we are entangled in is optimized for resource extraction and ecological plunder. Creating supply chain transparency & accountability, and directing financial profits towards socio-ecosystem repair & regeneration, are keys to reversing these globally destructive trends.

Innovation Description

MM directs its financial surplus to projects and initiatives working to restore and regenerate ecosystems. Our mission is to prove that a regenerative e-commerce enterprise can stimulate local economies and provide quality jobs in support of sustainable use and management of natural resources. Our approach builds upon pioneering innovations such as Novica (a direct access marketplace optimized for social equity), to develop an e-commerce platform that is optimized to direct profits into ecosystem restoration projects and initiatives. MM is a global platform that connects consumers to local artisans that utilize material harvested from ethically sourced species to support regeneration of natural resources. MM will visualize supply-chain transparency & socio-ecological key performance indicators on its platform, tracking how we are reducing emissions, sequestering carbon, and supporting individual makers, in turn strengthening local living economies. Our long-term vision for global impact is to generate equitable economic growth by creating a transparent, localized, regenerative supply chain around sustainable resource management and biodiversity initiatives.

Competitive Advantage

There are essentially two existing approaches in this space: 1) global ecommerce platforms like Etsy, Ebay, and Amazon that do not optimize for an ecological benefit; 2) localized farmers markets and retail stores that curate goods created by artisans. We have not yet found a large-scale approach that meaningfully combines the two. Our business model, which provides funding for restoration initiatives brings innovation to this space. Amazon has “Amazon Smile”, but its enterprise is not optimized for maximum socio-ecological impacts. MM will direct global revenues into local artisans’ pockets, and invest profits into bioregional projects working towards social-ecological restoration at scale. We are inspired by existing platforms such as Novica, which has been successful in creating economic drivers for social equity - over $92.5 million sent to local artisans so far. Novica demonstrates that a well-designed e-commerce platform can create access for local artisans to sell directly into a global marketplace. MM will require that vendors accessing our platform commit to crafting their products from locally available species that are ethically harvested. This will drive incentives to promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, to protect and restore sustainably managed forests and resources, and encourage reversal of land degradation.