Updated Sep 23, 2019

Terra curanda

A global dialogue and cooperation toward the goals of the Agenda 2030


Patricia Morales

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Stage 5: Scaling

The aim of TC is to offer an open space for attracting proposals and critical reflections on global issues in order to meet the challenges of our interdependent world and promote respect and care for all the peoples on Earth and for the Earth itself.

Focus Areas:

Environment, Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance and Education

Environment, Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance and EducationSEE LESS


The goals of Agenda 2030 are the major topic of the project. With the participants of experts, students, and artists we promote the comprehension of this document with a pedagogical, philosophical and scientific perspective.

Innovation Description

Agenda 2030 deserves an exhaustive study and analysis for inviting a broad public and transcending cultural, linguistic and generational differences. Invited participants and the public are very interested in taking part in this process for strengthening a better future. Experts of different disciplines and cultures address the content and challenges of every goal of the Agenda 2030. Mutual support and interaction among the visions of artists, experts, and students open new routes for maximalizing the Agenda 2030.

Competitive Advantage

We are using alternative methodology (radio, exhibitions, website, meetings) and various perspectives (art, science, education, philosophy) for promoting the goals of the Agenda 2030 in their interaction. At the same time we are making the efforts at international level. For example, the radio is made in Leuven and Buenos Aires with participants of different countries.