Updated Mar 10, 2018

Ameed Jamous

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Stage 5: Scaling

TelecomsXChange now serves 300+ telecom carriers and 500+ Service providers and telecom consultants around the world.
Yes we have 800+ total users (carriers, companies and consultants)
Our platform is in production for over 3 years and has generated millions of dollars in revenues.

Registered in United States.

Focus Areas:

Public-Private Partnerships

Public-Private PartnershipsSEE LESS

Funds Raised to Date

Mission and Vision

Our target results is to organize the defragmentated telecom market and provide the one stop shop for all future communications interconnections and mediation. The result will be abvious, higher quality , less cost and more connected world.

Innovation Description

TelecomsXChange decreases the amount of time it takes for telecom carriers to interconnect with one another from years to seconds. Telecomsxchange allows anyone to connect to any telecom operator network around the world in seconds without contracts, complicated process. Telecomsxchange provides wholesale telecom prices for any indivsiual or entity or entity regardless of their size and volume of usage.
How does your innovation work?
A buyer will signup for a buyer account on TelecomsXChange then authorize his/her PBX or Telecom equipment IP address on TelecomsXChange, then simply choose which carrier they want to connect with, click one button to purchase route, once that’s done an email will be sent with tech instructions on how to send the phone calls to be routed to the specific carrier. Telecomsxchange backend uses sip signaling for mediation and Billing and keeping a track of which traffic went on which sellers and automatically payout the sellers. The buyer can use the same balance e.g to utilize all carriers on the platform.

Competitive Advantage

Decrease time it takes to interconnect networks from years to seconds. Decrease buying costs by 60%. Provide an over all better comnunication quality. Elimnate telecom fraud by 95%.

Planned Goals and Milestones

Strategy to provide access for that platform to a wider audience and integrate our apis with popular crm, erp,salesforce solutions to allow every use case to be able to initiate phone calls utilizing the best quality and lowest cost offered by TelecomsXChange.
Get funds and support to explode our user growth.
Funding Goal500,000


Date Unknown