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Supply Chain Mobile App to Strengthen Civil Registration and Vital Statistics in Neonatal Health Services in Nigeria

Mobile CRVS app will drive up increase coverage on registration of livebirth, stillbirth, death /cause of death. Tracks neonate birth weight less than 2.5kg and connects babies whose mother dies at childbirth to NGOs nutrition programme

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Oladayo Olorunfemi

Stage 2: Research & Development

The mobile CRVS app has been built by Dwips Technology team that transformed the UN standard forms for civil registration into digitized CRVS app. The solution is ready for field testing in partnership with the National Population Commission

Focus Areas:

Rule of Law and Human Rights, Maternal Newborn and Child Health and Technology

Rule of Law and Human Rights, Maternal Newborn and Child Health and TechnologySEE LESS

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In Nigeria, 37 neonatal death per 1000 live-births (260,000 of 7,000,000 annual births lost in their first month of life: NPopC, 2016) as against 12 per 1000 live-birth SDGs 3.2 targets by 2030. This greater occurance of rapid neonate death rate is associated with low coverage or late registration of Live birth and weak referral system and poor quality health system at the primary heathcare center in Nigeria



Youth caregiver volunteers would be trained to lead follow-up on home-birth. Dwips deploy mobile-CRVS-app to work offline with encrypted backup data & online verification of newborn identity using mother fingerprints image linked to child. At pilot phase: At point of delivery, maternal death is tracked and 300 term baby profiled for nutrition care and 300 premature/or LBW <2.5kg babies qualify to receive formula-milk (3 packs each for 300 small-babies) with birth registration completed.

Target Beneficiaries

At pilot stage: 600 newborn are direct beneficiary and their birth outcome will be tracked and clustered by sex/location.And these output will be shared during & after six month for immediate health & nutrition accountability action by the National Executive Council for Nutrition (NECN) in Nigeria, the infant monitoring team of Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH) and vital statistics unit of NPopC.

Mission and Vision

To trace and track every newborn everywhere, regardless of gender and rural location and to attain a world where babies will no longer die at infancy

Innovation Description

(1) Mobile notification of birth: the one-step App platform brings mass mobile civil registration data and fingerprint identification token for neonates and location analytics report to routine registrars at the NPopC and also to newborn healthcare providers including caregivers (community based women volunteer) at the grassroots.

(2) Confidentiality: when our cloud server is launched, authorized agencies approved by the NPopC can verify age and parent-to-baby info using Quick Response (QR) code to prevent age fraud.

(3) Volunteered caregivers will regularly report infant health condition via mobile CRVS app (a module to be built for this function) to reconnect babies at risk to immediate care and to increase neonate survival.

(4) Two-way feedback messaging: our mobile CRVS app platform (text-based-integration-module to be built) will enable healthcare providers (end-users of app) to send baby-care appointment alerts to patients (nursing mother–to–child) referred to nearest hospital.

Competitive Advantage

Unlike the passive RapidSMS (UNICEF project) that usually have backlog of data entry, RapidSMS is a web framework based on the Django web framework which extends the logic and capabilities of Django to communicate with SMS messages. While RapidSMS is mainly used for mobile birth data collection and reporting, our approach is different as we are offering identification services as a bundle. The scope of our innovation covers digitalized registration of live births, stillbirths and death/cause of death registration for infants and adults. For example, in the case of live births delivery and before the child has a given name, we collect the surname and assign temporal Birth ID to send data to server right from point of registration and notify users of urgent situations such as LBW <2.5kg or maternal death, for early newborn nutrition intervention by healthcare providers. beyond data storage; we provide digital identity (birth certificates), verification, analysis, and report.

Planned Goals and Milestones

We are working on modules to intergrate healthcare referral and feedback system into our mobile CRVS app. We have discussed with the CEO of Smufs Biometric Solution Limited, a startup company from Israel that agreed to supply affordable fingerprints scanner to talk to our mobile app. The Nigerian National Population Commission has also showed interest to partner with us toward piloting this solution, and this is why we are in search of fund to proof our concept.
Funding Goal150,000
New Implemented CountriesNigeria
Recruit18 Local caregivers Volunteers, and 8 project team members
New Featureincluding mode of delivery and birth order into the mobile CRVS app


Mar 2019
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UN's Science, Technology & Innovation Forum, STI Forum 2019
Dec 2017
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