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Sun King from Greenlight Planet

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Stage 5: Scaling

Registered in United States.

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Innovation Description

Greenlight Planet has established itself as a market leader in the production and distribution of the Sun King™ series of solar lanterns. It is a fast-growing company in the pay-as-you-go sector with presence across Kenya and offers low-cost solar home systems brand named Sun King EasyBuy™. It is developed with a keypad-based technology that can be applied across a range of solar products. Customers receive activation codes when they pay for their electricity, enabling them to choose between paying in cash or with mobile money.

Planned Goals and Milestones

With a $1,250,000 award from Scaling Off-Grid Energy: A Grand Challenge for Development, the company will utilize the grant specifically to expand across its distribution channels in Uganda and Nigeria. It aims to sell over 20,000 units in these markets and develop a sustainable ecosystem for off-grid electrification by the end of 2018. Globally, Greenlight Planet currently sells 4,000 EasyBuy™ units/month, doubling every six months.


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Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Myanmar